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Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence can be defined as a type of violence that take place at home or within residential places. Domestic violence, in many cases, takes place between a husband and wife and may also involve children and the members of the extended families. The law enforcement agencies are charged with the responsibilities of restoring order and maintaining state of tranquility in both their homes and their area of jurisdictions. However, it is important to note that homes of law enforcers also experience domestic violence. This paper examines domestic violence in the homes of law enforcers.

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Domestic violence in law enforcement families

From the case, it is important to note that even the law enforcers undergo certain issues in their families that may lead to tragic deaths like this of David Brame and his wife. The fact is that it should not be assumed that the law enforcers have their social life different from the rest and they are most likely to respond in similar ways as other people should they find themselves in certain situations. It can be argued that domestic violence is relatively more likely to be brutal than that in the families of civilian citizens. This is due to the fact that the law enforcers are definitely allowed to keep weapons, especially guns, in their houses; they are able to easily use the guns to cause damages in their own families like in the case of David Brame (Kamb, 2003).

One crucial thing to note that is that factors contributing domestic violence in these families are varied. The most striking one in this case is divorce; a family relationship may be so strenuous that divorce may be the only solution. But the fear of having a broken family may lead to such scenario as that which David Brame and his wife found themselves. Other issues may include infidelity, by the couple of a law enforcer and or any other factor that may be related to cognition. One underlying factor is that the law enforcers are not humanly unique from the civilian citizens as far as domestic and other forms of violence are concerned.

Law enforcers should be responsible even for themselves and their fellows. They should not always take chance with any information indicative of abuses in families irrespective of whether the family belongs to a law enforcer. Any suspected abuse in a family should thoroughly be investigated before assuming normalcy of the state of affairs. The law enforcers should consider every case serious so as to allow the detection and prevention of any serious con sequences of domestic violence such as witnessed in the case of David Brame.

Mrs. Brame had accused her husband in court for several assaults; at the same time, David Brame had reported, even to his boss, that he was the victim of his wife’s assaults. However, he never wanted his wife to be arrested. In this case, the police did a grievous mistake by listening to David Brame since his appeal for the wife not to be arrested might have been so that he could kill her; probably he knew the him and his wife should die. Were the police to act fast with disregard to David Brame’s insistence on his wife not to be arrested, the scenario could have been prevented (Kamb, 2003). The wife of David might have been too trusting to her husband even after several attempts to harm her; this might have led her to accept meeting with her husband without suspecting of any dangerous possibility. After all the past experiences, the wife should have been accompanied by a police officer in case of such occurrence.

As the department’s officer, it will be important to have in place, programmes to deal within the challenges faced by the officers both during and out of duty, including domestic violence. Moreover, any information on domestic violence must be treated with seriousness of the worst consequence that may result from such violence (Kamb, 2003).


The cases are indicative that even the law enforcers experience domestic violence; in fact, even as much as they are charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace and order, they are times the cause of many domestic problems. For instance, from the case, David Brame seems to be the one to blame for the violence in his family even though the court and the police are partly to blame as far as performance of duty is concerned (Kamb, 2003).   

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