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Wellness Plan Sample


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According to the World Health Organization, wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. It is not necessarily the absence of diseases or frailty but an active process of consciousness and making choices towards a hearty ad fulfilling life by continuously seeking information on how we can improve and always providing room for improvement. Dimensions considered in the analysis of self health wellness include physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional.

A wellness plan is a all-inclusive and hands-on approach to self health in recognizing the fact that the mind, body and spirit are inter entwined and the overall health suffers if one of them is unhinged.  My wellness plan will include an overall reflection of myself on all dimensions as each dimension is vital in the pursuit of optimum mental and physical health. In making the wellness plan, I will begin with goal setting and assessment of each dimension.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the ability to relate your knowledge, inspiration, dedication, behavior, self discipline, attitude and skills towards achieving personal fitness. It involves good nutrition, regular activities that result in endurance, flexibility and strength and the avoidance of harmful derailing habits like eating junk foods.

My physical wellness vision is to be at my best energy most of the time and physically as possible as much as it is possible s my self assessment pinpoints my crawling habit in assignments and the avoidance of exercises. To achieve my mission, I have set out my three month goals as follows:

  1. Do intense aerobic exercise every morning for at least three times a week.
  2. To make nutritious choices at restaurants so as to lessen my intake of cholesterol, dietary fats and oils and thus maintain reasonable weight avoiding extremes of overweight and under weight.
  3. Do relaxation and fun activities with friends and family at least twice every week.
  4. Do strength training in the school gym for at least two times each week.
  5. Eat fruits, green vegetables and whole grains daily.
  6. Come up with adequate mechanisms of dealing with stress and always have good sleep.
  7. Maintain regular physical examinations like dental check ups and self examinations.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is the ability to interact with both the people within or outside your family like friends. It entails good communication skills, mutually supporting relationships and respect for oneself and others and thus creating a supportive healthy community. Social wellness entails a harmonious life with all those around you and contribution to the social welfare of the environment and community you live in. A strong social network not only enhances your self esteem but tends to increase immunoglobulin levels, an antibody that fights respiratory infections and cavities.

My personal self assessment is positive in that I spent most times with friends and am involved in a host of other social activities around the campus. In the recent past, I have actively been involved in township cleaning; contribute time and money for social and community projects. I am too a good communicator and get along well with most people especially friends and family. I spent most of my weekend free times either with my family or friends.

Though I grade myself positively on the social dimension, I choose the following areas to improve on in my wellness plan:

  1. To always exhibit evenhandedness and integrity when dealing with people.
  2. Practice self disclosure as to ease tensions within me that result in stress.
  3. Join a wellness club and always make a point of attending all their meetings and participating in their projects.
  4. Make a point of identifying my personal needs and brainstorm on how to nurture them by following people or activities that support them.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is a state in which the mind is actively affianced in the interaction with the environment around you evidenced by self directed behavior, continuous acquisition of knowledge, enunciation of critical thinking and creativity and great problem solving skills. Intellectual wellness entails the continuous seek of new challenges and maintaining an open mind focused on the achievement of a better satisfying life; and increasing the potential for sharing gained skills and knowledge with others.

My personal assessment on intellectual wellness is positive but average. I regard myself as intellectually well as I actively participate and enjoy intellectual debates, I like learning and trying new ways of doing things, read widely and the fact that am actively pursuing my undergraduate course. However, a health wellness plan is about bettering what you possess for a better living and therefore I have spelt out the following to undertake in my wellness plan:

  1. Try and attend all lectures and exhibitions.
  2. Keep myself updated on current affairs, both national and international.
  3. Always to critically analyze all sides of an issue before making any judgment.
  4. Work hard to further improve my verbal and writing skills.
  5. To always carefully select intellectually engaging movies and television programs to boost my brainstorming skills.
  6. Try my hand on mind engaging activities and games.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is seeking meaning and purpose in human existence by integrating one’s spiritual beliefs with their actions. It seeks to uphold ethical and moral values that guide and give meaning to life. It entails having a sense of purpose and direction, examining one’s own values and seeking harmony with the environment.

Though I feel positive about my spiritual wellness, it has its negatives. The positives are that I believe there is a direct relationship between my actions and my spiritual beliefs; I appreciate the natural forces that play in our every day’s life and always bear great optimism in the happenings around me. However to correct on my negatives which include intolerance to other beliefs and cultures, I have set out the following in my wellness plan:

  1. Always allow myself and those around me to be who they are without unnecessary criticisms.
  2. Try and explore my spiritual background and thus find deeper meaning in what happens around me.
  3. Practice acceptance and tolerance to other people.
  4. Always explore the consequences of all choices and decisions I make.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness refers to the understanding and acceptance one’s feelings and thus aiding in the attainment of self esteem and resilience necessary to combat life’s challenges. It includes the realistic assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses and thus being able to forge mutually satisfying relationships with others.

My emotional wellness status is rather complicated as it ranges from one extreme to another. Though I manage to develop and maintain mutually satisfying relationships, my emotional wellness suffers a set back when it comes to accepting of one’s faults, dealing with the mistakes and forging on. Am poor at accepting my mistakes and therefore spell out the following in my wellness plan:

  1. Try as much as possible to recognize and express my feelings.
  2. Try and take challenges and changes as opportunities for advancement.
  3. Try and have a considerable control over my life.
  4. Spend time with family and friends discussing supportive issues.
  5. Adopt better stress management techniques.
  6. Acquire a self help guide book on the stabilization of emotional wellness.
  7. Join a wellness club and always make a point of attending all their meetings and participating in their projects.


The self health wellness plan clearly spells out what needs to be done under each wellness dimension for a hearty healthy living. Joining a wellness club, self inquisition and being mindful of self and others feeling form the core of the plan as all the dimensions are inter-related. With the help of knowledge and certainty gained through the study of this course, would prove helpful.

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