11.07.2019 in Health

The Essence of a Perfect Drinking and Driving Essay

It seems that today everyone knows that it is forbidden to drive a car after alcohol drinking. However, the majority of car accidents happen because drivers do not follow this rule and their number keeps increasing.

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Drunk drivers collide their cars with others more often that the sober ones. As a result, a lot of tragic accidents take place on the roads. Alcohol influences a person in a way that the one becomes unable to drive a car. Moreover, a drunk driver does not understand what happens around. It is a fact that a drunk person cannot react quickly to anything. In some cases, people consuming alcohol do such deeds which they would never do when being sober. Thus, disastrous results are inevitable.

According to the latest research, drunk drivers are not afraid of anything. They do not even think that their condition may cause an accident. However, they do not want to be caught by the police, nor they want to take the test on alcohol. Considering this, it becomes clear that we should not sit into a car with a drunk driver. They do not care about the lives of their passengers. All that worries them is a fine that they may get. However, a fine is the least problem that can disappoint drunk drivers. Alcohol damages our health and makes a negative impact on our brain though there are no any external signs of it. Thus, passengers as well as a drunk driver do not even expect that something may go wrong. Nevertheless, driver’s brain may refuse to function properly in the most inappropriate moment.

It is necessary to admit that even after a couple of glasses of wine, whiskey or other hard drinks a person is unable to drive a car in the right way. On the contrary, such driver wants to drive as fast as possible and makes dangerous maneuvers. The problem is that the driver, who has drunk too much alcohol, cannot measure the speed of other cars when taking turns, for example. Moreover, drivers in such a condition cannot see objects clearly and determine their size.

After drinking a few glasses of beer, whiskey, or brandy (it is about 0,5-0,8 per mille), it can be said that a person becomes dull. Under the influence of alcohol, drivers stop thinking clearly. They do not distinguish between the colors of traffic lights. Therefore, they do not know when to stop and when to go. Moreover, drunk drivers can be blinded by headlights of other vehicles. It makes driving a car even more complicated. Being in such a terrible condition, drivers are not able to notice objects in the dark. Thus, they are exposed to danger.

The process described above accelerates after drinking a bottle of champagne or wine, 4 beers, and a lot of vodka. As a result, a driver cannot control the driving process. Such a drunk person does not feel responsible about anything. Drunk drivers find it hard, to measure the distance to the oncoming vehicle. Furthermore, having drunk much alcohol, drivers become unable to keep balance. They may easily confuse the gas pedal with breaks. Driving in a straight line becomes more complicated. Note that it is impossible to drive a car if the level of alcohol in blood is about 1.2-1.5 per mille. In this case, drivers cannot even drive their car out of a parking lot.

Every driver can explain why it is dangerous to drive a car after excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol worsens memory, distracts attention, and makes driver’s movements uncontrolled. Moreover, alcohol has a negative effect on the psychological state of a driver. It weakens central nervous system. According to the survey, a glass of vodka may influence greatly the way a healthy person drives a car. After a small shot of a hard drink, the effect is not so strong. Therefore, drivers think that nothing bad will happen if they drink a little before driving a car.

It is proved that the reason for the majority of car accidents is such small shots of hard drinks. They influence both physical and mental state of a driver. Alcohol always intoxicates the whole body. Therefore, it is not advisable to drive one’s car being drunk. If you have drunk some portion of alcohol, you should be very attentive while driving your car, especially if there are any passengers with you.

Thus, should one drive a car after drinking alcohol? It is up to you to decide. However, you need to understand that you are responsible not only for your life, but also for lives of your passengers and pedestrians. Those people who have survived the car accident caused by alcohol will advise you not drink at all if you intend to drive your car. Otherwise, you should take a taxi.

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