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Banner Health

Banner health began operations in 1991, as a merger with the Lutheran and the Samaritan health systems. The Banner health has been demonstrating a very positive outlook in healthcare. The company has gained reputation because of the quality services that it provides. Banner health has been serving more than 300000 patients in 7 states. It has gained recognition as one of the top 5 healthcare organizations in the USA. The company is focuses on making a difference in the lives of individuals through the provision of excellent patient care. The primary focus of its network is to engage in continuous improvement of care. The organizations have promoted access to healthcare, and it is possible to get healthcare services from their mobile website or even through a phone call. As a way of commitment to improving healthcare services, Banner health has focused on using innovative technologies and continuous improvement of the patient outcomes. The paper will lay an explicit focus n Banner health where their approach and strategic plans for providing healthcare services to patients in the next decade will be discussed. A strategic plan that includes the network, nursing staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction will also be discussed.

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Readiness to provide healthcare services

The organization is guided by its strong mission and vision. It is committed to providing excellent healthcare through a continuous improvement of the patient outcomes. The employees of the company share the mission of the company. The 50000 employees in Banner health know very well that they must work hard to provide better health outcomes to the communities that they are serving. The mission and the vision of the banner health have received a lot of recognition, because of the quality services that it provides to its clients. Since the company has shown a lot of commitment in achieving its mission and vision, it is evident that the company is set to provide quality health outcomes to patients in the next decade.

Over the years, the company has been in front line in adopting the modern technology. One of the most indisputable things in the healthcare system is that the health information technology is playing a very vital role in modern health care. Over the next decade, it is expected that the health information technology will be playing a very critical role in the delivery of healthcare services. The fact that Banner health has shown its commitment to adopting modern technology is a clear indication that the organization is set to provide healthcare services to patients in the next decade. The new technologies promote efficient delivery of services and ease of communication. Some of the technologies that have been adopted included the Banner iCare TM Intensive Care program and the EMR. On the other hand, the organizations also have been carrying out evaluations to monitor yearly performances. These evaluations are very significant since they enable the company to maintain a top performance.

In addition, the Banner health efforts to improve health outcomes are also meant to ensure that the patients spend less time on wards and there are fewer emergency visits. The same has shown the readiness in the provision of quality services in the next decade. Finally, the Banner health has also focused on reducing medical errors which are a major issue facing the healthcare system.

In readiness to the provision of quality services, the organization has also been opening more clinics and urgent facilities that are meant to increase services to the people. In the next decade, the patient population will be increasing, and the adoption of the clinics and urgent care facilities show the readiness to provide healthcare services to people in the next decade.

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Strategy for nursing staffing

Banner health is known for the excellence in the provision of quality care. The organization manages to provide quality care because of the nurses that work for the company. In the critical care areas, the organization have a very high nurse to patient ratio of 1 is to or 1 is to 2. In the acute area, the organization has a nurse to patient ratio of 1 is to 4. These nursing ratios are the lowest in the USA and the whole world. Since the problem of nurse shortages has become so prevalent, Banner health has been focusing on hiring qualified nurses and then providing them with opportunities for development. Through these programs, the nurses will be in a better position to deliver quality services to patients.

Network growth

Banner health continues to expand. It has hospitals in seven states and its main focus is to provide is to be a leader in the provision of top quality services. The network strategy for growth is based on the provision of quality services. The organization continues to invest in healthcare technologies so as to enhance the service delivery. The network must also find ways of promoting patient participation in the health care process as a way of building and expanding the network.

Resource management

Efficient management of resources is very critical to any organization that desires to achieve success in its operations. In the case of Banner health, the issue of management of resources cannot be ignored. Banner health is a large facility that has been well managed. Its current position has been achieved because of the organization commitment to management of resources. The organization has human resources who serve in different areas. It is important for the organization to adopt strong human resources management so that the organization can retain its employees. The former is also important so as to ensure that the organization human resources are dedicated to the provision of quality services to the patients. Additionally, it is also significant to ensure that financial resources are used in the right way so that the organization mission and vision will be attained. The goals and plans of the organization should be aligned with available resources and the need to provide quality care to patients. The organization also engages its employees in services that are meant to promote their wellness.

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction has been at the heart of the Banner health. Patient satisfaction has been a priority for the organization. Patient satisfaction is a key determinant on how the organization gets reimbursements. Banner health has been using a questionnaire that is used to assess the scores in patient satisfaction. Through such evaluations, each unit is encouraged to improve on patient satisfaction. On the other hand, the company has been working hard to reduce chances of medical errors. It has also been embracing modern technologies in all departments of the hospital. This is meant to ensure that the patients who seek services from the facility are satisfied.


Banner health is one of the biggest health providers in the SA. The organization is known for its top quality services and commitment to quality excellence. The company demonstrates its readiness to serve the needs of the patients in the next decade through its commitment to promoting the network growth. It has also been a leader in adopting health technology as a way of enhancing the services it provides to the patients. The organization has a very high nursing to patient ratio. All this is meant to ensure that the patients are satisfied and they get the best care.

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