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Sociological Analysis of TV Shows Essay

Films, movies, and videos are vital components of human life. They represent a form of communication that can influence behavior from various perspectives. They contain social, political, economic, and religious information that is vital for most people. Watching video has different social influences depending on the type of audiovisual content one interacts with at any given moment. However, the social analysis at this point focuses on the similarities and differences between television presentations. The House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer and A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 both exhibit points of contrast and similarities in their setting and the information they convey to the audience.

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Netflix serves as the primary source of the television presentations that are compared and contrasted regarding their sociological aspects in this discussion. The two TV shows of interest, as presented on Netflix, include House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer and A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2. The two films differ in thematic perspectives and the general information that each pass to the viewers. However, it’s important to note that each show remains relevant to its target audience. Moreover, information is impactful only when it reaches its intended audience. Therefore, discussing the two presentations is crucial for understanding societal dynamics. The society normally experiences major problems when it comes to social issues or political differences. However, a keen study will incorporate political problems as originating from social misunderstandings. Following its impacts, the House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer stands to highlight most of the social influences and the political versions in the society. The issues with marriage remain evident within the item. Misunderstandings and reconciliations based on marriage prove major themes of consideration within the film setting. Moreover, political aspects also come vivid in the TV presentation. It, therefore, becomes relevant for the adult ages as compared to the young people in the society.

Furthermore, the choice of the next TV series has been influenced by the season where people are today. December forms a period of the year in which many people anticipate Christmas related issues. The analysis is independent of religion but focuses on the prevailing situation. Christians highly regard the period and, therefore, find more interest in any information related to the celebration. Considering such social aspects, A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 becomes the most crucial film for the same. It addresses the event related issues by incorporating bits of music to demonstrate its taste to the viewers. The TV presentation proves appropriate for both the young and the adult categories. The information contains influences social aspects of life from all dimensions. The types of music and dances within the film remain appealing to viewers. It is something that viewers consider a real social event.

From the aforementioned elements of the two TV clips, it remains vivid the way they depict many social-related issues than one could imagine. Their influences run from the mode of presentation to the info that the presenters intended to the audience. Analyzing the social aspects of the two thus brings more understanding of the current society. In critically scrutinizing the two presentations, it comes clear that they have more differences in social appeal than the similarities. The themes differ by far as does the general mood of the viewers. The former has a mood that varies from time while the later runs on a static mood. However, on a general view the two have both points of convergence and divergence.

The Sociological Similarities

Both the two television presentations work towards entertaining the viewers. The House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer contains elements that trigger the sense of humor in the audience. The enthusiastic part of the flick comes vivid in analyzing the Underwood’s marriage circumstances. Even though the marriage had more hiccups at the beginning, it turns out a happy relationship at some point in the shows. In the social aspect of life, people do feel happy when there is an indication of unity. The part of reunion in the film, therefore, fulfils a general social concept of togetherness that many people value. More so, the reunion seems to relieve viewers from a long overdue period of suspense on what comes next in the relationship. People not only conclude it fine for the reunion but, learn acceptable social norms within the society. It could be the aim of the developers to create a sense of conflict resolution in the viewers.

On the other hand, the A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 indicates points of entertainment in its entire setting. Murray while making his performance includes dancing and singings that keeps the viewers moving. His artistic nature makes the presentation interesting from all sides. It represents a sociological fulfilment of the enjoyment perspective. More so, many artist including Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, George Clooney, and Miley and more others join Murray in the performance. The point makes the viewers have a variety of talents to enjoy thus breaking the monotony. Watching many artists performing together increases one’s enthusiasm for the film. It makes the presentation more real and sensible. Entertainment thus forms the core of Murray’s performance. It comes out vividly at this point that the viewer gets something to celebrate. The two TV films prove relevant in addressing the theme of social entertainment.

The next point of comparison for the two TV podcasts falls in the gender representations. In both cases there is a sense of gender inclusivity while performing the dances and the presentations. The current society values gender equality in its many perspectives. The composers thus show a great achievement by ensuring that feminine gender forms part of the shooting. In the case of the House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer, females play important roles. In one respect, one meets Clair as a representation of ladies in the movie. However, it remains controversial the manner in which the composer depicts her. She explains her university life that encountered a rape case from a man. Moreover, the irony comes out when she confirms that the fellow still does the same to the rest of ladies in the college. The issue proves sad as it goes against the expectations of the society. A viewer also encounters a woman figure in the cases of the Underwoods. Both the man and the woman differ but they later reach a point of agreement.

In the situation of A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2, the viewer interacts with many female figures. The music presentation is full of ladies who participate in various forms of music performance. In reality, the number of ladies in the film represents an average percentage within the population. It comes clear, therefore, that the gender aspect of the social life is a concept that Murray fully considers in his presentation. The analysis also contemplates the male factor in both the films. The number of the males and the roles they play in the presentations highlight the expectation of the society. The two films present a well representation of the sociological aspect of human behavior concerning the role of both women and men in the society.

Romance forms the next sociological convergence of the two TV presentations. In both the two cases, it is apparent that love dominates various areas in the films. In both the past and modern societies, romance has been one valuable aspect of life. In essence, the both Murray and the season three TV stories display elements of men and women being in love. However, in some cases it does not work to the expectations of many. In the A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2, participation and the Christmas concerns display high level of romance. The group dances consisting of many ladies and men bring a lovely version of the society. Participating in the common events with indications of peaceful existence and happiness demonstrate the core values of social life. The presentation does not only display romance at the point of gender relationships but, even in the materials themselves. The flowery signs and the dressing style form appropriate representation of the social life. The picture of comparison between the December expectations and the events in the film develop in the viewers mind. Watching the item makes a person sees the December holiday event a real social scenario.

The Deggans’ dressing style is another signal of sociological life styles today. His undone tie and a suit represent a real version of Christmas ceremony. Even though he indicates a state of melancholy, the intended message reaches the viewer through his dressing style. Bill Murray gets a privilege to host a live Christmas special that he anticipates otherwise. It appears that the event will fail to materialize due to the blizzard that has shut down New York. The House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer also presents various aspect of romance in the entire film. Remy and Jackie form the centre of romance in the film despite it being a shaking one. Their marriage faces drawbacks though it proves a successful move at special intervals. Frank Underwood makes it practical when he manages to bring a scenario in which the two find a lot to share in common. Their social life is a true indication of the real life scenario. The characters provide the viewer with an opportunity to relate the podcast with a real life situation.

From the above discussions, it becomes a fact that the two TV presentations have a lot of sociological comparisons. They possess elements that relate to the happenings of social settings. In analyzing the similarities, many issues emerge that explain the accepted social norms in the current society.

The Points of Sociological Contrast

In spite of the two TV elements sharing a lot of similarities, they also differ in many dimensions. The two flicks contrast right from the information that they relay to the public. Bill Murray presents a social setting that is full of fashion and celebrations. In addition, he offers entertainment elements as a major action rather than a backup version. On the other hand, Frank Underwood’s approach to the social issues uses a wider perspective. He explains how people relate during the times of politics and in marriage settings. The film is also full of disagreements as opposed to the one that Murry presents. In analyzing the sociological contrasts between the two, all the above factors form the centre of focus.

The A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 highlights the December holiday Christmas fashions. It is a function that intended to host many people for the forthcoming Christmas holiday. However, the plan encounters many challenges since a blizzard shuts down New York making pals not attend the function. Even though it seems a disappointment, the initial intension remains valid in the participants. The dressing styles and other displays of those who appear at the show hint on the intended meaning of the celebration. The characters like Eric Deggans show prove to the viewer that the theme of the TV show upholds its meaning. The types of music that Murray presents all indicate the celebrity nature of the event. Even though the intended Christmas celebration fails to materialize, the show maintains its meaning.

The House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer focuses on many issues relating to the social life. In one respect, the film addresses the political setting in the society and how they affect people’s social affairs. In another perspective, the podcast looks at the issues that people experience in marriages. While discussing these aspects, Frank highlights to the society how they should treat social affairs. The differences in marriages should never act as the ultimate point of separation. People must learn to give such situations more time with an aim of finding permanent solution. It is worth concluding at this point that the two shows differ a lot when looking at the information they relay to the public.

Furthermore, the types of the audience that the TVs address also vary. In most cases, young people find Christmas celebrations quite interesting. Murray’s ideas thus prove more valid for the young generation as opposed to the grown-ups. However, this does not rule out, the fact that, it appeals to the other class of audience. It comes valid that those performing at the podium are above the minority age. Moreover, they still find the presentation interesting to their ears. Other categories that fall under this group of audience are the celebrities. They include artists like actors and musicians. The occasion fits them from diverse perspectives encompassing their dressing styles. Normally, the likes of musicians and artists prefer interacting with a large group of audience. More so, they like dressing and singing songs that prove relevant to the occasion. The presence of musicians in the occasion confirms the claim on the right audience for the Christmas celebration. In contrast, the House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer mainly fits the adult category of audience in many ways. The social class of politicians also finds their part in the story. The two figures in the political arena are Jackie and Frank. Jackie runs for the seat of the vice president despite being a lady. Her unstable relationship is another factor that hinders her political bid. A seeming point is Jackie’s intention to marry Dr. Cooke as a cover-up of her unmarried status. At the point of politics, infidelity comes up as a social vice. Jackie’s move to have a relationship with Dr. Cookie receives critics in the political arena. At this point, a viewer gets to understand that there are social attributes that the society does not condone. Infidelity is a factor that the society terms a vice since it goes beyond good relationship.

The show also fits the married class in many ways. In one respect, it makes couples identify factors that can create misunderstandings between them. The episode presents what seems to be a reunion between Jackie and her husband. However, things do not work right since the two fail to settle back in their relationship as viewers expected. From this point, many people in a relationship learn much on how to tackle domestic issues.

Furthermore, the flick shows what the society considers vice and what it accepts as a virtue. All these factors prove relevant to the married people since they help in eliminating violence. The Murray’s presentation does not address any domestic violence thus making the two to contrast on this sociological aspect. However, the show highlights how to embrace any point of disappointment in life. Murray is in melancholy when the Christmas celebration event fails to materialize. The only action that he takes is to engage his team in a song criticizing the happening. There is no point in applying violence to find a solution to the prevailing situation. It, therefore, comes apparently that there two episodes totally contrast at the point.

The next social dimension that brings a point of divergence in the two podcasts is the concept of leadership. Even though the initial argument recognized the appropriateness of gender representation in the two films, they clash on leadership responsibilities. The A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 does not bring anything on gender leadership. It only indicates men who are in charge of big occasions. Bill Murray gets an opportunity to host a Christmas celebration that turns out unsuccessful. The choice does not hint on any leadership attachment on the decision. However, ladies participate in many aspects of the show including dancing on the platform. On the contrary, the House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer clearly depicts the interest of women in the leadership ranks. Jackie is one example of the female category who aspires for the rank of the vice presidency. The film brings a social setting where freedom prevails on both gender representations. Leadership is a sensitive docket in the society and thus attracts high-level of attention. The social aspect of human life operates on a defined leadership strategy. It then means that a successful social setting calls for a definite way in which people interpret authority. Franck Goodwood thus recognizes this concept of the social setting and, as a result, shows how people maneuver their ways to the top ranks.

A good film needs to address the most challenging concept in the society. It follows from the two presentations that various sociological aspects of life have been given appropriate attention. The composers recognized the influence of the visual media in life and decided to address some of these issues. The idea of marriage, politics, and celebratory functions form major part of temporary issues in the society. Both the House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer and the A Very Murray Christmas – Trailer 2 logically address the social aspects in some selected areas. It remains of no doubt that the viewers in various respects have found something touchy upon watching the videos.

In conclusion, the sociological analysis of the two TV shows from the Netflix presentation site proves vital. The information contained in each film addresses the social aspect of life in one way or the other. The composers display deeper understanding of the role of TV shows in addressing social aspects of life. It remains relevant, therefore, to choose the two television categories for this paper analysis. The messages contained in the materials prove of importance to the appropriate categories of viewers. The areas addresses by the presentations including domestic affairs, romance, leadership, and entertainment are of great appeal to the current society. It remains apparent that the message one obtains from such shows stands to impact his or her life in a positive way. The sociological analysis of TV shows, therefore, remains a vital undertaking in every day’s life.

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