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Essay on Water Pollution

What Causes Water Pollution and What Are the Effects?

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Water – An Introduction

As a universally-known solvent, it is possible to add all sorts of substances to water so that these remain partly or completely dissolved or even, sometimes, not dissolved. Pollution in water results in an alteration to its quality and these alterations can happen in a natural way or because of a single or several human interventions. Altered quality can make water unsuitable or unfit for human consumption and also unfit for certain domestic and even agricultural uses.  

What Causes Water to Become Polluted?

There are different factors that can lead to water becoming polluted. These factors can be biological, chemical or physical. The main causes of pollution, however, primarily occur when agrochemicals are washed into bodies of water, fuel and/or other chemicals are spilled into them, and waste or both industrial or domestic detergent are improperly disposed of. Additionally, water can be polluted by certain biological procedures and by natural catastrophes such as erupting volcanoes and so on. Radiation and other factors of the physical variety can also affect the quality of water and the aquatic animals that live in it or depend on it.  

What Are the Effects When Water Becomes Polluted?

Continuous pollution will eventually reduce the amount of usable water from various bodies of water. Not only does pollution affect the lives of humans, but it affects the world’s ecosystem and the entire animal population. One of the results can be a shortage of the quality of water that is fit for human use and for agricultural uses. An additional consequence of polluted water is the impact on aquatic life or ultimately its destruction. This can have a significant impact on the economies of several countries because some aquatic life e.g. fish are an important food source and are vital to certain industries, especially those involved in import and export.

What Can We Conclude from This?

Overall, it is clear that concerns over water pollution are very serious indeed because of the implications for human health and the adverse effects on agriculture and a number of industries. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to safeguard against water pollution and reduce the levels we presently face.    

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