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Student Lounges Essay Sample

Student lounges can be defined as the rooms located within many schools, universities and colleges, which are designed with the aim of giving students a space for relaxation and at the same time a space for private study. Some student lounges in various higher learning institutions are executive such that the room contains a flat-screen wall television, vending machines, comfortable couches, foosball tables, ping pong tables, and good chairs. This is meant to provide a stress free environment for students so that they can be motivated and study hard (Review, 2004).  

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A student lounge is required to be a very clean and tide place such that any spillage or litter should be removed before leaving the place, students are allowed to consume food within a student lounge on condition that they cannot eat while on seats but use tables so that seats are maintained clean, students are not allowed to move chairs and table around within the student lounge, a student lounge is a smoke free zone, no alcohol consumption is allowed within the room, the room should be noise free, gambling should not be allowed in the room, and there should not be a overnight staying or sleeping within the student lounge.  

It has been found that most of the female physics majors succeed well provided their institution has got a well-maintained student lounge. Students can study and understand easily in places with little or no noise; places without irritating air pollutants like cigarette smoke; places without bullies since disturbing students are not allowed in the student lounge; and places where there is varied learning resources, for example in some student lounges computers have been installed, and Television sets with varied channels are available. Therefore in the student lounge, a very effective discussion can result from group of students. Some times a student lounge is used by students as a gossiping centre such that when it is not controlled well they perceive it as the most favorable place. The gossiper students end up wasting their study days doing unethical activities (Review, 2004).  

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