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Statement of Purpose

In reference to my Admission Application to your University; my prime motivation behind this application for admission is my interest in the field of chemical engineering. Considering I have a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from a well-reputed university of Azerbaijan, Ganja State University, and over three years of relevant work experience I feel confident applying to your MSc in Chemical Engineering as a natural succession to my current academic and professional qualifications

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The postgraduate program offered by the University of Twente is the right fit for my ambitions because of its overall academic excellence, its emphasis on the science of materials and polymers, and industry-oriented environment. I plan to capitalize on its strengths as it relates to my interests, which I started developing as an adolescent. As a child, I was well supported by my mother, who is an ecologist, to pursue my interests in chemistry. Although chemistry is not a popular subject in my country but her belief in my abilities and me lead to my successful academic and professional career and now I want to further develop my interest and passion by pursuing a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.

Determined to manufacture my career in my desired field I stared off my professional career at the ‘Buxar Engineering’ Company as a chemist and then after a year took the giant leap into a multinational corporation, ‘Azerbaijan International Mining Company’, where I am currently working as a shift process engineer. The companyis better known for being leaders in developing and operating mining facilities in the Republic of Azerbaijan; I aspire to gain credible knowledge of management and analysis in the field of chemical engineering with them.

Apart from my keen interest in chemistry and related fields, I am an avid fan of reading books that relate to management and stories of personalities who’ve had a positive impact on this world. My other hobbies relate to participating in competitive sports of varying nature, especially judo, chess and swimming. My greatest sports achievement was coming 3rd in the ‘Judo City Championships of 2007’.  Furthermore, I spend some portion of my week doing social work for NGOs, most notably at International Republican Institute among various other organizations that work for the betterment of the community.

I have chosen to study at the University of Twente because of its excellent repute around the world. University of Twente’s overall standing is in the top two hundred universities with its engineering department ranked among the top one hundred universities in the world. I am sure that the knowledge I will gain from my postgraduate degree at the University of Twente will help me polish my background as well as help me achieve success in my future endeavors. I hope to join this institution and stimulate my talents to be more effective.


The following Universities are in the top 200 and their engineering dept are in top 100, so the above statement is good for these 3 Universities. Just replace the names.

  • University of Twente

     KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

     University of Technology TU/e

This following University is ranked 205. So you would have to make slight adjustments for this. Just replace ‘top 200’ by ‘top 250’ and top ‘100 engineering dept’ by ‘top 150 engineering dept’

  • Chalmers University of Technology

I have highlighted the name of the university in the document so you change them. I have also highlighted chemical engineering as your bachelors’ degree as I was not sure if that really was your major in bachelors.

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