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Bullying Essay: Good Ideas

Nowadays the problem of bullying is a common practice in many countries. Many people tend to think that bullying occurs with children and teenagers only, which is actually not true. Bullying can happen to anyone, be it a child or an adult. It can be seen in different life settings – social media, phone calls and messages, live communication (in person), etc. Therefore, when it comes to bullying, it can take place anywhere. In our bullying essay, one can find surprising statistics pertaining to the problem as well as learn how to solve the issue effectively.

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People usually underestimate the issue of bullying and its effect on people. According to statistics, one out of 4 teens suffers from bullying. However, the percentage of bullying online is even more dreadful – more than 40% of teenagers are victims of cyber bullying. One cannot estimate an actual number of victims because not all incidents are being reported on. Moreover, the number of victims depends on the age group. Many victims of bullying refer to their teachers and parents for help. However, a great deal of teenagers are too shy to tell that they suffer from bullying and resort to suicide or simply keep suppressing their feelings, not asking for help.

Bullying Essay: Striking Statistics

  • Around 10% of students stay at home not to become a victim of a bully during specific days.
  • One out of 4 children admits that he/she suffers from bullying.
  • 60% of children state that something harmful happened to them several times.
  • Around 37% of kids suffer from online threats and become victims of bullying.
  • More than 50% of kids report on bullying to their friends, parents, or teachers.
  • The most frequently seen acts of bullying are recorded in secondary school.
  • Around 300,000 of students at high school are physically attacked each month.
  • Around 1/3 of students claim that they were threatened to be killed or injured by bullies.
  • A quarrel with a bully ends with a physical violence in 85% of cases.
  • 9 out of 10 students suffer from harassment during high school studies.
  • Kids are being bullied in the playground every 10 minutes. At the same time, no one interferes to solve the issue in 87% of cases.
  • School property is the most common place for bullying.

Why People Resort to Bullying

Children who face bullying for the first time ask their parents and teachers why it happens. There are various reasons of bullying. Please have a look at some most frequent answers.

  • Many bullies learn from their parents and their behavior. In most cases, they are being brought up by one parent only; parent come home late and do not spend enough time with their children; parent are involved in binge drinking, do drugs, or show abusive attitude.
  • An older sibling is also a bully.
  • Bullies are being taught on specific examples. For example, their parent or a teacher may be rather aggressive and reflect bullying behavior.
  • Bullies have zero tolerance to weak and vulnerable people.
  • Dominating and superiority are two common features of bullies. They want to attract attention of many people and show their power.
  • Most of bullies are cruel just because they are not as smart as some students. With their cruelty, they are able to control one’s behavior.
  • People become bullies not to become victims themselves.

Possible Measures to Prevent Bullying

If you or someone from your surrounding becomes a victim of bullying, you should not be shy to tell someone. You can tell your friend, parents, counselor, teacher, etc. Adults are likely to treat the issue and find good solutions much quicker. Moreover, be as specific as possible about the details of bullying. If you are not the only one who suffers from bullying, tell their names too. If you suffer from cyber bullying and do not even know who bullies you, you might report on it to the police. These are the possible measures that one can discuss in a bullying essay.

Unfortunately, bullying leads to serious consequences and changes one’s perception of the world and its relations. Many teenagers take drastic measures that lead to fatal outcomes. To overcome bullying, one should not take a safe side and pretend that nothing happens. A “word of mouth” one can resolve different life issues.

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