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Human Sexuality Essay Sample

Chapter 1: Introduction on What Happened to Real America

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Dr. Gosine, in this introductory chapter, uses the theory interaction. He begins by informing the redder of the various reasons as to why he is writing this book to gather with what the book is all about. He states that his primary motive is to come up with a comparison of the traditional and the modern America. In addition, he aims at stating any situation that went wrong in some years, in the past, if there are any. He strongly believes that in the resent past America has undergone some changes that have not being aimed at any thing good. There have been some strong believes that the standards of living in America and the equal opportunities by men is not totally accurate.

As a result of the prevailing laws in America, people have not been fully free. In addition, the issue of equality by men is not true because there are the rich and the poor. This then leads to variation in tax payment, as well.  This further leads to the poor leading a life of their own that is full of struggle. As a result of all this, the author of the book then believes that, at some point in time, there existed an American dream. This dream, however, have not been met, which have led to a significant number of problems resulting in the society.

In a significant number of families, instead of having the members working towards the dream, majority move away from such dreams. This has led to a significant number of problems being experienced at the United States of America which are more than those in 2nd or 3rd world countries. Some of the issues that have been noted to be putting apart the United States of America and have been identified to be number one problems include crimes, bigotry, and racism. In addition, some of the major problems are the education systems in America and the state’s economy that is viewed as being destructive. Emphasize on family issues in America is at the moment non existent which has then led to increase cases of divorce, child pornography and abuse, and juvenile deliquesce among other problems. Unless America addresses these problems, then it stands the chance of being a second-class state, which can finally lead to the demise of America.

Chapter 2: The History Lessons

In the chapter, the author focuses on the conflict theory and uses it to explain the fact that many of the great societies in the world came down and how similar they are to the American society that exist at the moment. The author concentrates more on the Roman, Greek, and European civilizations. Even before beginning the author sets two questions. The first question is on whether the American civilizations, similar to many other ancient civilizations, finally collapse by the wayside. The second question is whether the factors that led to the collapse of many of the ancient civilizations can also serve to collapse or lead to the decline of the United States.

The first one on focus is the Greek empire contributions, which were many and include the first medicine school, architecture, drama, democracy, and mythology among many others. A number of the contributions of the Greek empire mainly dwell on Philosophy and science. Although the society was strong in many spheres of the society’s life, it still could not resist coming down.

A number of factors played a role to the collapse of Greece. The learning and education was not equally offered to everyone in the society, but just a few. In addition, the society provided a window of exploiting the poor and the weak, especially the slaves who were regarded to be the lesser human being. Above all, the factor that led to the fail of the Greek Society was its lack of ability to resolve conflicts relating to political matters. This led the Greek city to have much animosity amongst them, and this sped up their destruction of their own empire.

The other society to be focused on is the Romans. The Romans created things such as the Justinian code that is used today by the lawyers. The Romans also organized the Catholic Church, and indeed many of the society’s sculptures, which are outstanding today, are traced back to the contributions of the Roman Empire. The biggest question is what led to their down fall. The first reason was that of inadequate leadership. The Christian religion also diverted the attention of many towards life in eternity, and in the process failed to focus on many development issues. A part from the above reason, the imperialism made the military too expanded to be sustained by the society.

The other society under focus is the European which contributed to the development of credit and banking facilities, specialized labor, factory systems, and the beginning modern capitalism. It is both the external and the internal factors which led to the fall of the European society. The internal factors in this case refer to some activities and events which took place in Europe during the period. The external factors, on the other hand, refer to things beyond ecological and geographical confines of Europe. One of the external factors was the myriad of challenges which the civilization faced was the technological, cultural, and military rise of the American society. Besides, the European society fell due to nationalism that created conflicts among the European powers which existed at that time. The most critical factor was the diminishing economic resources that led to failure to support their military arsenals.

 The similarities and parallels which the United States shares with the mentioned societies are also put into focus. At the moment, United States is indicating a drop in academic standards, a widening gap in the income, and racism. All these factors contributed to the fall of the Greek society. In American currently, there is a challenge of inadequate leadership, rising inflation, and a continuously rising cost of living, which are running almost parallel to the issues that brought down the Roman Society. There is a need for United States to start worrying about the looming encroachment and competition emanating from the external world. The existing threats to the American culture are quite synonymous to those which led to the decline of the once vibrant European society.

Chapter 3: Money, the American Media, and Sex

The conflict theory is used by the author in this chapter. Money plays the greatest role in the American society today. This fact is closely related to the industrial revolution. Gosine Mahin wrote that an examination from a historical perspective show that although money has influenced a lot the American society, it had no significant impact until after the 1960s industrial revolution, especially the first half of the 20th century. It appears that money is playing a role in everything that we encounter in work, the places we live in and those people who associate with us. It is money that seems to define the social standing and so without it a society may not sustain itself. In the American society, those with money have a lot of influence on the government and the laws which govern it.

Profound changes have occurred in the American Social behavior over many years, and the situation seems not to be changing. This indicates a significant change in societal, moral values, as well as the liberal freedoms for women which exist currently. Dr. Gosine argues that the Judeo-Christian teachings not only shaped the early Americans lives but also influenced their behavior in other spheres of lives. I those times, open show of affection or sexual behavior towards one spouse was prohibited. Extra-marital and premarital sex seems to be quite rampant In America. In fact, there has been sexual liberation, a move that has heralded an increase in the number of homosexuals. Sexual related issues are pulling an amount exceeding 100 billion dollars annually. The sexual revolution has brought horrific trends, with sexual crimes slowly increasing.

The most critical component in making sex and money the most significant issue in the society today is the media. Media like Television, newspapers, radio, magazines, and books are quite influential in the American society. Television is the most influential media today because people have a greater tendency to believe in what they see. The author observes that money, sex, violence, crime, mental illness, and other TV programs are rapidly turning United States into a violent and crime-ridden society. This serious situation can only be changed through government regulations on the TV programs. The most challenging issue is that the American society is democratic, and the government may not fully impose its rules to check the TV industry.

Chapter 4: Toys, Materialism, and Keeping Up with Jones: Consumerism, Credit, and America for Sale

This chapter expounds more on the interaction theory in relation to the human sexuality. The greed that has infiltrated the American society has turned it into a materialistic society, in a situation where there is an emphasis on such things as accumulation of money and tangible goods. The American society accumulates such goods as a matter of necessity rather than for the sake of owning.  The writer explains that the society accumulates these things because of the society’s leaning towards capitalism. The society also has turned into consumers instead of the producers, according to the writer’s arguments.

From the beginning of the post-industrial society blue-collar work and farm labor have not been emphasized, but the emphasis has been a lot on the services provided. The United States at the moment can be considered as a service-oriented society.

In America, there is also wasteful spending. People dispose things which are still fine in order to get better and new things, which are matching the current trends. In all aspects of the American life, including marriage, change has been the style. The divorce rate Stands at about sixty per cent meaning that three in five couples often get divorced. An American can change residence for about 8 times in a lifetime.

Most of the Americans use credit to purchase new products in the markets due to the existing financial constraints. A majority of people are in debt since most of the creditors charge them 7-35 % interest on the borrowed money. The writer wrote that the dependency theorists observe that the capitalist system in that is embraced and held so dearly in the United States has no solid foundation. The only thing that supports the American capitalism system is the American consumerism. America and its people have been in debt and so the private investors and other countries worldwide have moved to buy a large percentage of companies and farms.

Chapter 5: The Multi-Nationalists

In this chapter, the author focuses on the Multi-Nationalists with respect to human sexuality. The penetration of ideologies involving race and nations was noted By Foucault as a way of analyzing sexuality in the nineteenth century. The Europeans attempted to control the sexuality. The author argues that the sexuality in the modern Europe was influenced by race and nationality.

Chapter 6: Industrial Complex and Nuclear Holocaust

In this chapter, the Industrial Complex and Nuclear Holocaust are the main focus of the author. Gosine Mahin argued that, from a historical perspective, money has influenced a great part of the American society; it had more influence after the industrial revolution, especially the first half of the 20th century. It appears that money played a role in everything that was encountered at work, the living places and the people who interacted together.

Chapter 10: The Superficial Society

This chapter has been written using the interaction theory. For instance, attempts have been made to have a society that is being supervised to make sure that what is done is in accordance with the requirements of the policy. The author addresses this to ensure that individuals do not engage in activities such as an expression in public places.

Chapter 11: Gossip, and Destroying Our Heroes

This chapter it has been written in interaction theory for instance, where it is written that we have come to depend on gossip in issues such as socialization and status, conversation and entertainment, and for other issues, as well. This is in line with the way other people have always believed that is a place of gossip, and this is being viewed as something of great significance. Majority of the information mediums such as radio, television, magazines has a lot of reliance on gossip to be able to generate profits.

Gossip is being used as a form of entertainment as many people prefer to be in another persons premise gossiping than to be in his or her own premise. In addition, gossip has been used to cause destructions while at the same time drawing own pleasure. As a result, the author wrote this book claiming that the citizens of the United States of America have not been clear in their dealings with others and what they claim to be standing for as a nation. He goes ahead to claim that he is not very sure on whether people understand the possible effects that can result due to gossip about other people. In addition, he states that gossip about people on issues elated to sexuality can be destructive hence the need to ask for clarifications before putting across a gossip.

Chapter 12: The Technology

In this chapter, the conflict theory has been used for instance, it has been mentioned that the United States of America is a highly technological due to the emphasis on such which have gone a head to control people. Technology has led to the downfall of people, and this can be the case in America. Technology has been used to offer some assistance and support to the military forces. This has been the main reason that has been given for the resultant technological developments and advancements in the world. The author states that, in the late 1980s, United States of America was spending over 400 billion dollars on affairs related to military. This amount has been viewed as being large as compared to the amount used to address issues such as transportation, education, social services and up coming issues on sexual harassment. This has led to great failure in the management of social problems in the United States of America.

                 Chapter 13: The Warfare

In this chapter, the theory of conflict has been used to analyze the various issues that resulted war in the united sates of America. These are the war amongst partners due to disagreements on issues such as the humanity sexuality. For instance, families got engaged in misunderstandings due to unwilling partners to express their feeling to each other.

Chapter 14: The Military

In writing, this chapter, the conflict theory has been used to address the issues related to military misunderstanding with their family members. The partners have had disagreements amongst themselves due to the inability to express their feelings amongst themselves For instance, the author states that a significance number of families have filed cases of divorce due to the inability to fulfill of their desires.

Chapter 15: The Colonialists, the Neocolonialists-The International Bandits

Interaction theory has been used in writing this chapter. For instance, in chapter one, it is argued that America is a society that is colonial oriented. This means that America is a nation with a policy, which aims at acquiring; extending and retaining dependencies by the overseas to be able to fill own pockets and maintain its dominant economic strategy of capitalism. Colonialism ended a long time ago but still in existence to some extent in some way. These have led to oppression and demean the nations together with exploitation for natural resources.  In addition, getting rid of leaders who do not conform to the standards has been the key issue. This began during the colonial period, as it was aimed at ensuring that the criminal cases such as sexual harassment is completely eliminated.

Theory of All Chapters and 2 Examples

In chapter one, the author has used interaction theory. For instance, he has given an introduction of the reason as to why he has written the book. In addition, he has stated that his primary concern is to come up with a comparison of traditional and the modern America and comment on whether anything went wrong more so in the recent past.

In chapter two, the conflict theory has been used. This has been used with an aim of explaining how some of the societies considered being the greatest in the worlds fell and the existing similarities they have to American society today. For instance, focuses has been on Greek and Rome on the issue of civilization. The author has asked two questions first he asks on whether American civilization will be like the other great civilization of the past. Secondly, he asks on whether the factors that brought down civilization in the past will be able to bring down the United States of America.

In chapter three, the conflict theory has been used whereby, money in the United States of America has been considered to play a significant role. For instance, it has been considered that without money you are nothing. In addition, through the various Medias of communication, money and sex have been strongly advertised as being the most important in America.

In chapter four, interaction theory has been used. It is due to greed by the American public that has made it a real materialistic society that emphasizes on gathering of money and other goods. For instance, those individuals in the United States of America who might not be having money for the purchase of the purchases of some of the tangible assets consider taking it on credit.  In addition, the author states that according to the theorists of dependency, the capitalist system in the United States that was embraced and upheld intensely does not have a solid foundation.

In chapter five, interaction theory has been used for instance the Europeans attempted to control the sexuality. The author argues that the sexuality in the modern Europe was influenced by race and nationality. In addition, sexuality is an issue that has been significantly influenced by variations of cultures.

In chapter, six interaction theory has been used this has been aimed at addressing the significant effects that have resulted from money use. For instance, a lot of influence was noted after the industrial revolution, especially the first half of the 20th century.

In chapter ten, interaction theory has been used. For instance, attempts made to have a society that is being supervised to ensure that whatever is done agrees the requirements of the policy. In addition, such has been aimed at ensuring that fairness due to policies.

In chapter eleven, interaction theory has been use, for example, gossip has been relied on for a significant number of issues, for instance in socialization, status, entertainment, and conversation among other issues. In addition, gossip has had a significant amount of destructions due to its insincerity.

In chapter twelve, conflict theory has been used. For instance, the United States of America is highly technological due to the emphasis on such which have gone a head to control people. In addition, majority of the down falls of people that have resulted has been due to technology. As a result, social problems that include sexual harassment of even the young have resulted.

In chapter thirteen conflict theory for instance in addressing the level of misunderstanding among families also the level of divorce that have resulted due to the same issues. This has been addressed by the author significantly.

In chapter fourteen conflict theory for instance, it has been aimed at analyzing the misunderstandings by the military families. In addition, attempts that have been made to address such disagreements, which have not been satisfactory at all.

In chapter fifteen, interaction theory has been used. For instance, America being a nation with a policy, it aims at acquiring; extending and retaining dependencies by the overseas to be able to fill own pockets and maintain its dominant economic strategy of capitalism. In addition, it is necessary for the leaders to conform to certain standards, and if not they are faced off.


While conducting a research, information can be obtained from either primary sources or from the secondary sources. In other cases, information can be obtained from the two sources. While conducting a research in order to write his book, the author obtained his information from both primary and the secondary sources. Primary sources are the information that is obtained from first-hand sources through interviews, observation, or from the use of questionnaires. Interviews are the interrogation of persons either directly or indirectly with an aim of obtaining the desired information. Observation is where a researcher appears to view whatever is happening to concern a situation. Questionnaires are the information that is recorded in writing concerning a certain issue under research. Secondary sources of information are the information that has been recorded in books, magazines, newspapers, and electronic sources among other sources. While writing his book, the author obtained his information from magazines and newspapers concerning the various happenings then at the United States of America.


This book has been influential in the United States of America since it was written. This has been so due to its ability to outline the various issues that are real in America. In addition, a majority of the issues that have been mentioned has most of the time drugged United States of America back words. Some of the strengths which this book has included;

  1. Addressing to the fullest the resultant effects of sexual harassment in the United States of America.
  2. The level of impact that the technological advancements have had on the behavior of young persons.
  3. How colonialism has significantly increased Americas ability to come up with policies that can be used to address issues that have had an enormous effect on citizens at the United States of America.

Some of the examples that have supported the above strengths include; cases given in chapters one, twelve and fifteen (Gosine, 2010). Chapter one sates that arguments had been put forth that there is equality among men of which this is not the case. This is due to the imbalances on the level of wealth which has then led to variations in human sexuality. Chapter twelve has mentioned greatly on the resultant effects due to technology some of which have influenced the children to have undesired behavior for instance, children engaging in undesired sexual behaviors. In chapter, fifteen has addressed the issue of America’s policies that are aimed at clearing cases of sexual harassment for the young and even the aging in the United States of America.


However, despite the fact that the book has been so influential due to its strengths, weaknesses have been in existence. Some of the weaknesses include;

  1. Its inability to give some of the solutions to the existing problems.
  2. Some of the chapters have been so brief such that it has not addressed all the issues concerning human sexuality.

For instance, chapter eleven has not mentioned the type of gossips that have been in place and how such have lead to conflicts amongst nationals (Gosine, 2010). In addition, ones it has been mentioned that gossip has had enormous effects on peoples social life, it has not addressed the possible solutions to such problems.


I the past, people had some kind off respect as they called as far as sexuality is concern. They expressed their sexual desires in privacy. This was so only to the sexual partners while excluding the public, as it was believed that they did not have to know the feeling for the other. At the moment, the respect that existed in the past is slowly getting extinguished. This is because people express their sexual desires to their partners even in public places. In addition, they can express their sexual feelings to even small children in public. If this is the trend, then it means that, in the near future, people will find themselves even having sex or making love with their partners in pubic. This shows that, in the near future, respect for the elderly or others will be far much forgotten.

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