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The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989. It is considered as one of th... View details >>

Transcendent Man

Transcendent means superior in quality or achievement. Barry Ptolemy in his film transcendent man tries to portray ad... View details >>

The Five-Step Strategic Planning Process

This anointed bibliography covers five books and a journal. Its topic of description is “the five step strategic plan... View details >>

Concert Report

The concert was entitled the 2011 National Young Virtuosi Competition and was held at the alumni theatre at Caldwell... View details >>

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk comes out as an uncompromising trio of films that capture the contentious issue of abortion... View details >>

Standpoint Perspective: A Feminist Criticism of Dangerous Liaisons

Films influence our ways of thinking and by extension our day to day lives and have the ability to change our perspec... View details >>