Writing a Case Brief with Ease

A court opinion is usually presented and summarized in a case brief. Oftentimes, students are assigned with writing a case brief in order to develop comprehension of crucial decision as well as to discuss and provide an examination of the problems presented in the chosen case.

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How to Write a Case Brief

So, how to write a case brief? Follow our guide step by step. Well, first of all, it is required to take a paper which includes case citation and out the parties names that usually sound as follows: “Stone versus McDonald.” In the opening lines, you will see the publisher and the source. Write down the court responsible for making the final decision and publication year of the final opinion.

  • Facts of Statement

In the very first part, you will need to set each fact out. It is important to find and identify what facts exactly play a crucial role for the court decision. You need to disregard any information that is not important for the court and its final decision. So, you need to find facts related to the case and read about them in order to exclude irrelevant to the court decision elements. Determine the facts that were established at trial.

  • Procedural History

So that you could develop this part effectively, it is important to give answers to the below questions:

  1. What court exactly issued the opinion? 
  2. How did it happen that the case was sent to this court? 

You need to determine whether the case is from the trial court or from another appellate court. Unless the chosen case is related to something that occurred in the procedural history, the procedural history does not play a crucial role.

  • Issue

In the law field this question is a key one and it is the duty of the court to make a decision regarding the issue. Pay attention to the fact that this is a legal question. It is important to detect the issue and clearly articulate the question jest. Luckily, the courts help people who decide to read the court cases by beginning with the following words: for instance, “the political issue we face nowadays is …” Oftentimes, the court will clearly state the issue under discussion. The trial is usually presented with a personal issue and it is the court duty to struggle with the problem. The main answer is to clearly determine who is going to win the case. You may put the holding in some briefs. Usually it is a short part that includes one or two words in order to give answer to the major question.

  • Rule

Judges use this set of laws in order to determine and make a decision on a certain case. Usually it includes more than just one rule and depends on the complexity level of the issue or the number of problems it has. In most instances, judges have to take into account and follow a few rules. It usually depends on the facts presented; the judges have to discuss the rules. That is why it is important to provide all vital points at the beginning of the paper.

  • Application

In many cases it is called reasoning or analysis. In this paper part, it is important to provide an explanation of the choice made by judges. Mind the facts and try to put all of them together using the law applied by the judges. The court has to clearly state what each party involved in the case contends. So, it is your task to attentively read the parts because it will assist you to comprehend how the court applies a particular law to the issue.

  • Conclusion

Here you need to make a brief statement where you inform the audience about what the court reversed or affirmed. It is also the high time to inform the readers who exactly won and who lost.

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What is a Case Brief? 

It is a paper where you show how you can handle the data and information from the chosen legal case. It has its structure and you need to follow it precisely. There is one pattern for all case briefs and it is crucial to use it. In order to get the high grade, your case should be cited and formatted accordingly.

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