Case Study: How-To

What Is a Case Study?

Case study papers are considered to be the most complicated tasks assigned at college or university. They required thorough research work and in-depth analysis of events, organizations, group of individuals, etc. we completely understand that some students do not have enough time to cope with such writing assignments. That is why we offer our expert writing assistance. It means that you can contact us, place an order and receive your case study within the set deadline.

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How It Works?

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Students have to apply special writing technique while writing a case study. Usually, it is required to describe a social, economic or business situation. Students need to analyze the situation and offer their solution to the issue under discussion. Case study is usually based on real facts.   

For your information, employers use case studies during the hiring procedure. It helps them to identify whether the applicant possesses analytical skills and abilities to articulate his/her ideas and thoughts.   

Case Study Types

There are a lot of case study types. Below you will find the list:

  • Descriptive case study. Usually it is required to use more than one case even to describe the situation.
  • Illustrative case study.
  • Investigative case study. Here a research is required.
  • Pilot case study.
  • Compare past and present results case study.
  • Cumulative case study.
  • Critical instance case study.
  • Case study where you need to research some interesting subjects.

Research in Case Study

Research in case study plays an important role while writing the paper. Students need to conduct a research work on the selected topic. Prior to writing, it is recommended to look for credible sources (articles, books, etc.) in order to properly understand the selected topic. Then it is recommended to find already existing studies on your topic because it helps to make your paper unique. It is easy to choose the needed formatting style by checking our examples.

Harvard Case Study

Are you aware of the fact that Harvard Business School was the first one that started to use the cases method? Instructors and professors realized that they lack the needed books for Business postgraduate. So, students were given the descriptions of real life situations faced by existing companies. Students’ task was to offer solutions to the problems and discuss them in class. Since that time, Harvard case studies are well known in the world, thus they became excellent examples for other educational institutions.

How to Provide a Good Case Study?

Let us explain how you can write an effective case study. First of all you need to undertake your study. Then you can start the major part of your paper.

Select the participants to interview them. Do not forget to make the list of interview questions. While interviewing the participants, try to collect as much information as possible. After the interview is done, process the received data. Select the most vital and valuable data. Write down all the information collected. Provide an introduction where you need to briefly describe your topic, research and main outcomes. After that, you can make a reference page.  

In fact, writing a case study is a complicated assignment. That is why it is recommended to ask for professional assistance.

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