Writing a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing is a kind of academic paper writing which is focused on a main argument. For this very reason, sometimes persuasive essays are called argumentative ones. This type of academic paper writing requires you to persuade you readers to accept your point of view.

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Main Points to Take into Account

  • There are different techniques that are very effective while writing a persuasive essay. There exist three main persuasion techniques. They are the following: appeal to logic, appeal to evidence and facts, and appeal to emotions. If you want to make a strong point, you have to try to mix and combine all of them.
  • You have to build your central point of view based on the audience you appeal to. You should think about the main characteristics of your audience and construct your argument based on your audience’s values.
  • When writing persuasive essays, you should be aware of opposing viewpoint on your topic. In order to make a good paper, you have to present the weaknesses of opposite viewpoint. This can be done with the help of parenthetical clauses such as in spite of, nevertheless, however, etc.
  • You should combine your key points with the minor ones. Begin each of your paragraphs with the key point, then move on to describe it, and provide the minor points in order to advocate your main point. 
  • One of the most appropriate ways to make a good point is to use rhetorical questions and appeal to common truth.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do be sure about your chosen position.
  • Do support your key points with facts. Remember that you should always support all your points with relevant data. Good persuasive essay must have supporting evidence as well as statistics.
  • Do call for your readers’ emotions.
  • Do be tolerant of different opinions of people, even if you do not agree with them.
  • Do make certain to check all the sides of your argument. Only after that, you can begin creating your essay outline.


  • Don’t select a topic that puts you in difficult situation as you do not know which side to choose. There are a lot of different persuasive essay topics, therefore, you can easily find the one in which you will be sure. You have to be steady in your arguments in order to convince your readers.
  • Don’t be too flat in proving your point and do not ignore counterarguments.
  • Don’t call for readers’ religious or subjective personal beliefs. You have to be objective all the time and focus only on factual data.  
  • Don’t introduce new arguments in your conclusion. The concluding paragraph of your essay should summarize the whole paper and restate your initial argument.

Most Commonly Made Mistakes in Persuasive Essays

  • Changing your point of view while developing the arguments. In order to avoid this, you have to be aware of different sides of the topic you want to discuss.
  • Constructing a paper based on refuting the opposing arguments only. Remember that you should also state your points to show your readers the alternative.
  • Providing many facts and evidence without a proper structure and general idea. For this reason, you have to make an outline of your paper before you begin writing it.
  • Becoming very aggressive while proving your point of view. Avoid such situations as it will only show your weakness. If you remember the persuasive essay definition, you know that your paper should be based on strong arguments and facts. Even though you can apply to emotions in your essay, it should have cold-hearted arguments.

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