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Lebanon Essay

Despite its small territory, Lebanon is considered to be an extremely important country of the Middle East both in geopolitical and in the cultural meaning... View details >>

Qigong and Yang Style Taiji Essay

Qigong is a type of mediation consisting of three components: the mind, breathing, and posture... View details >>

Sociological Analysis of TV Shows Essay

Films, movies, and videos are very vital components of human life. They represent a summary of communication that can influence behavior from all perspectives... View details >>

Women in Colonial or Slave Times Were Treated Worse Than Men Essay

Slavery is an abhorred term in modern society, associated with the brutality, horror and mistreatment that many faced in past era... View details >>

Analysis of the Film

The documentary film Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison depicts a negative impact of genetically modified food on human health. It raises many significant questions that bother a contemporary society... View details >>

Computer Science Technology

Telecommunications merged with computers in the late 1970’s and 1980’s creating an information revolution. Over the last decades, computers and... View details >>