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Writing a successful and effective book report can be tough and challenging. Therefore, keeping it in mind, we have provided a list of book report tips that will help you cope with book report writing assignments. Book report writing can be tiresome and complicated, as it requires analytical and critical thinking, and in-depth analysis of the given literary work. Besides, book report writing can be tough in regards to time given for completing the task. Since students have to cope with plenty of assignments in other academic disciplines, it can be difficult to work on a book report consistently. Sometimes, students may not have enough time to read the book for report writing. All in all, when you are required to write a book report, you are expected to present the following information: introduce the author, provide brief background information on the book and core events, discuss the major topics, themes, and motifs, focus on the storyline, and discuss the characters’ place in the book. All of these paper sections should be written in an objective manner without focusing on your personal opinion.

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Where to Order a Book Report

In the following guide, we will provide book report tips along with detailed information on how to order a book report from the top-rated custom writing company – WritingsCentre.com. Our company can not only provide book reports of different academic levels but also assist you in giving tips for successful and elegant book report writing. Read on to find further information about the core techniques needed to submit a book report.

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What Is Book Report Writing?

Book reports are classified as informative types of academic writing. In order not to confuse book reports with book reviews, it is important to take the following principles into consideration. Read on and find out the main points of comparison and contrast between reviews and reports. Book reviews belong to critical and analytical pieces of writing. When a student needs to provide a review of a read article or book, he/she is expected to write an analytical account of the literary piece alongside providing a brief summary of the content. Moreover, it is equally important to evaluate the book and provide a personal opinion on whether you consider it to be worth reading. On the other hand, book reports mainly relate to providing summaries of books, articles, or other literary works, instead of analyzing them. As a rule, book report assignments are easier and are assigned to high school students. The length of a book report varies from one to five pages on average. Book report writing helps students to practice their communication and analytical skills and learn how to provide objective discussions.


Book Report Writing for College

Commonly, college students get book report assignments frequently since this way; professors can evaluate their analytical and critical thinking. College book reports are more challenging than high school papers. In general, the overall structure of a college book report does not differ much from a high school book report however when writing the former you need to provide a critical analysis and evaluation apart from a mere summary. Besides, you need to be aware that you need to properly format the paper according to the specified styles.  When writing a book report, pay attention to the target audience. Keep in mind that it is necessary to provide a bibliography. It would be also interesting for a reader to know what events or circumstances led to the author’s creation of the literary work. In a book report, it is crucial to highlight the main subject of the book and formulate a strong and clear thesis statement. The report should include a summary of the book content as well as critical evaluation of the main topic with supporting evidence. In general, book reviews and book reports are assignments that teach students how to compare and contrast specific literary works, and critically analyze them. When writing such analytical papers, you learn how to structure your opinions in a better way, how to present arguments, and how to support them. If you are tired of your academic routine or simply have no idea how to start book report writing, rely on professional help from WritingsCentre.com.

Start by Writing an Introduction

Elements of a book report introduction

Write the Body of the Report

The body section is where you should describe the story’s main parts, e.g., its characters, plot, theme, setting, etc. After this, you can offer your opinion on the book. Characters are the people in a story. A protagonist is the term given to the central character. Are there any other key characters? What is their relationship with the protagonist – are they a help or hindrance? A plot is usually what occurs in a book or story. In your report, you should roughly describe what your chosen story is about. Is there a significant conflict or event? What events lead to this? What is the result? How does everything end? (Normally you should avoid describing the exact ending and you should try not to give away the story’s secrets.)   A book or story’s setting concerns the place the story is based or located in or the time it occurs in. Is your story set in the present time or in a bygone time? Is it set in some imaginary or fantasy place, in a different country, etc.? Does a lot or a little time pass in this story e.g. a whole lifetime, a year, just a day, or some other time period? Take care that you do not re-tell the entire story in detail. Your report needs to cover other aspects. Hence, you should just include enough detail to allow the remainder of your book report to sound sensible. When your book has been summed-up, it is permissible to give your opinion on it.

Few Questions You May Want to Consider Answering in a Book Report Body

Write a Concluding Paragraph

This paragraph just needs to comprise of one or two sentences to bring your book report to a conclusion. Sum up your overall thoughts and the key aspects you want to convey to other readers.

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A theme can be described as a story’s central idea. For example, a theme might concern how important friendship is, or how courage can help in challenging circumstances. Say what you believe the theme of your book is and why you think so. 

Book Report Sample

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