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Writing a Book Report

Start by Writing an Introduction: What to Include:

  • The book’s title, which you should underline, and the author’s name.
  • Why you are writing a report on this particular book.
  • What is the story type e.g. is it fantasy, real life, adventure, horror, family-focused, etc.?

Write the Body of the Report

The body section is where you should describe the story’s main parts e.g. its characters, plot, theme, setting, etc. After this, you can offer your opinion on the book.

Characters are the people in a story. A protagonist is the term given to the central character. Are there any other key characters? What is their relationship with the protagonist – are they a help or hindrance?

A plot is usually what occurs in a book or story. In your report, you should roughly describe what your chosen story is about. Is there a significant conflict or event? What events lead to this? What is the result? How does everything end? (Normally you should avoid describing the exact ending and you should try not to give away the story’s secrets.)  

A theme can be described as a story’s central idea. For example, a theme might concern how important friendship is, or how courage can help in challenging circumstances. Say what you believe the theme of your book is and why you think this. 

A book or story’s setting concerns the place the story is based or located in or the time it occurs in. Is your story set in the present time or in a bygone time? Is it set in some imaginary or fantasy place, in a different country, etc.? Does a lot or a little time pass in this story e.g. a whole lifetime, a year, just a day, or some other time period?   

Take care that you do not re-tell the entire story in detail. Your report needs to cover other aspects. Hence, you should just include enough detail to allow the remainder of your book report to sound sensible.  

When your book has been summed-up, it is permissible to give your opinion on it. The following are a few questions you may want to consider answering:

  • Was the story to your liking? Why did you like or not like it?
  • Which aspect was best and why?
  • What were your feelings after reading the story? Did your feelings change during different stages?
  • Is this a book you would recommend to your friends?
  • Are you keen to read other works that this author has written?
  • Did you learn anything new from this particular book?

Write a Concluding Paragraph

This paragraph just needs to comprise of one or two sentences to bring your book report to a conclusion. Sum up your overall thoughts and the key aspects you want to convey to other readers.

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