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A coursework is a written task assigned to a student by his or her supervisor, teacher or professor during the course of his / her study. In the majority of cases, a coursework is evaluated as part of the grade that a student achieves in the course. A coursework can comprise different elements, such as laboratory experiments, field experiments (for instance, surveys, observations, polls, etc.), or scientific research in the chosen field of science.

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The most significant and notable points that should be considered in order to write good or excellent courseworks are the following:

  • Choose the most interesting topic for your future coursework from the suggested list of topics. Remember that the chosen topic should first be interesting to you and then to your readers.
  • Prepare a detailed plan what should be done in order to write a decent coursework within the set timeframe.
  • Take notes of all your steps so as not to forget their order and significance.
  • One of the most crucial phases for any Academic Coursework is the research phase. Take into account that without the following phase, it is impossible to complete any coursework. Remember that avoiding this phase can result in unexpected consequences and troubles. The more work will be done by you during the research phase, the better results will be obtained at the end of the coursework writing process. It is advantageous to do research in order to collect as many recourses or materials as possible. Consider that about 60% or 70% of your time should be dedicated to conducting research.
  • It is a must that your coursework is based only on up-to-date, accurate, reliable, and pertinent data. All the materials, pieces of evidence or data should be aimed at supporting the hypothesis or thesis statement of your research.
  • Your coursework should present a deep and thorough analysis of the chosen topic.
  • Do not postpone writing your coursework or any other written task until the last moment. Time management is recognized as one of the reasons that can influence the accuracy and credibility of students’ courseworks and other written assignments. What should be done today should not be put off until tomorrow. Follow your step-by-step plan, and you will not get into a mess.
  • While working on your coursework, try to make the copies of all the ready materials, just to be on the safe side.
  • After you have finished your coursework writing, check it for mistakes or misprints. You can use such software as Google Docs or MS Word to do this. You can also ask an expert to help you proofread your coursework.
  • Your coursework should be written and formatted in accordance with the set standards and requirements. Your work should be clear, concise, coherent, and understandable.
  • Use transition phrases, such as on the other hand, to begin with, on the one hand, as a rule, as a result, as a matter of fact, and words, such as nevertheless, firstly, secondly, lastly, otherwise, although, though, thus, to show the connection between your ideas, points of view, or considerations.
  • Avoid using very long sentences.
  • Avoid using too many terms in your coursework.

Frequent Mistakes Made by Students

  • Not conducting thorough research. The first thing you should do is to do some research and then take up writing assignments.
  • Not checking a complete coursework for mistakes or typos. You should always proofread each piece of writing so as not to get bad marks.
  • Not handing in a coursework on time. The later you hand in your work, the worse mark will wait for you.

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