Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Poster Presentation in PowerPoint

There is a great variety of academic writing assignments students face these days. And while the pressure and the academic load is higher than ever, it is important to remember that there is a limited number of hours in the day you can actually devote to studying. So in order to save you some time we have come up with a tutorial to help you learn more about presentation poster and understand how to make a poster presentation in PowerPoint on your own.

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How to Make an e-Poster?

There are several programs that allow you to create an electronic poster using your laptop. One of the most popular application is PowerPoint Presentation that might be the part of the Microsoft Software package or could be purchased separately. Some people also manage to achieve great results using a free alternative from OpenOffice or an online Google Slides. However, we would like to focus more on the most common instrument.

So, if you have PowerPoint software, open the app and create a new document. Your poster should be fitted into one slide, so make sure to double the size of the paper before you begin your work (because if you try to scale everything afterward, you will be losing the quality of the image and visual data).

In order to set the slide dimensions, look for the Page Setup option (usually under File or Design tabs) and select the Custom size for a poster. Once your size is chosen, you may upload any images and create the blocks for the text you need to fit in the poster. Here is some useful advice about each part of the content that shall be included.

Poster Presentation Guidelines and Recommendations


Saving Your Presentation

Depending on the version of the software you are using and the computer OS, the saving options may vary. First, you should be looking for Save as… an option that will allow you to specify the technical requirements while saving the data.

You may also find an Export button that will convert your poster into a PDF file. You should choose the Standard type of file, as it can be used for both printing and online use.

If you have to print your poster, it might be a good idea to contact the company you are going to use in order to check what files do they need for printing.

If you have spent some time online looking for poster board presentation ideas, you ave most likely noticed that all the basic templates have quite a similar color palette. The fewer colors you have, the more professional look you will achieve. So, basically, you need a text that is under 800 words, a set of visuals and a design pretty enough to catch the attention of a potential reader. Seems like we have covered all of the major components of any poster. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Topics for Poster Presentation in PowerPoint: Get Ideas for Creative Writing

If you have got an assignment to provide a PowerPoint presentation but you have no idea what topic will be interesting, read on and find a list of appealing topics for poster presentation in PowerPoint.


1. The process of digital signature creation.
2. The Internet vs. print media: What will win the battle?
3. The betterment of life with the establishment of WiFi.
4. Ways of disposing old electronic appliances.
5. Methods of energy conservation if you are actively using electronic appliances.
6. The connection between the Internet and the increased levels of terrorism.
7. Agree or disagree: India is occupying leading positions in software development.
8. Toxicity of e-waste to one’s well-being.
9. Technological influence on the learning process.
10. Technological advancements and progress in phone design.

Environmental Topics for Poster Presentation in PowerPoint

1. The role of recycling in the modern world.
2. Effects and aftermaths of global warming.
3. Benefits of green technology. Go green campaign.
4. The significant role of rain water collection.
5. Analyze the importance of three Rs: recycle, reuse, and reduce.
6. How to conserve terrestrial resources in the modern circumstances?
7. How to cut down on the industrial utilization of natural gas?
8. The conncection between nutritional security and tree planting. 
9. Negative effects of the CO2 emissions. 
10. Green fuel and its effects.


1. How to set goals wisely?
2. How to master time-management skills?
3. How to set short-term and long-term business goals?
4. How to make the daily schedule simpler?
5. How to maintain a work-life balance?
6. Principles of headhunting.
7. Core aspects of business ethics.
8. Telemarketing and its advantages in the modern pace of life.
9. Communication in the workplace.
10. Types of taxation.

Science Topics for Poster Presentation in PowerPoint

1. Is the existence of the Bermuda triangle a scientific fact or an elaborate hoax? 
2. Is it possible to calculate our planet’s existence?
3. Discuss and analyze the core risks of plastic surgery. 
4. Can yoga help you control your life and be more mindful?
5. Is the UFO’s threat real?
6. Principles of how Google functions.
7. Effect of different colors.
8. Discuss the development of an avalance.
9. Discuss the basic aspects of the string theory.

We guarantee


1. The basic benefits of practicing sports on a regular basis. 
2. The importance of protective gear for maintaining safety.
3. The effect of performance enhancing drugs on the human’s body.
4. Ways of boosting metabolism.
5. How to control weight and keep in on the same level?
6. Importance of taking a coach’s help in proper nutrition.
7. Analysis of food supplements and vitamins for a sportsman. 
8. Nutrition planning for athletes.
9. The basics of competitive strategy.
10. Benefits of milk products for athletes.

Art and History

1. Oriental art and its influence on other kinds of art.
2. The impact of cultural imperialism.
3. Discuss exoticism using specific examples.
4. Religious principles of the oriental culture.
5. The US education reforms.


1. Public attitude to gay mariages.
2. Necessity of GMOs.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of detox.
4. Threats of dating online. 
5. Technology impacts on relationships. 
6. How to strike a healthy balance in the family between the role of a wife and a mother.


1. Architecture of the Ancient Greece.
2. Architecture of the Middle East.
3. Architectural theories.
4. Digital architecture.
5. Environmental impact on architectural trends.

Law and Criminal Justice

1. Domestic abuse and ways of tackling it.
2. Security and surveillance in airports.
3. Threats of identity thefts. 
4. Juvenile crimes and ways to deal with them.
5. Security in schools. 

List of Great Topics for Presentations

1. Should parents give their children pocket money for doing household chores? 
2. Advantages and disadvantages for creating separate classes for boys and girls. 
3. Should students become friends with their professors on social media? What issues may arise?
4. Should school teachers have special uniforms?
5. What kind of punishment can be applicable in school surroundings? 
6. Should religion influence the school curriculum?
7. Should husbands help their wives at home after work?
8. How can the healthcare system in the USA be improved?
9. What effect do beauty contests have on self-worth of women?
10. Should parents strictly control the amount of time their children spend on the Internet?
11. Do you believe humankind will move to Mars some day in the future?
12. Do superstitions have the right to exist and be believed into?
13. How to deal with dyslexia among schoolchildren?
14. What is the biggest effect of social media on your life?
15. Is plastic surgery justified only when a person has some physical disparities?
16. What are the concrete steps on becoming more tolerant towards different ethnicities, religions, and races?
17. What is the influence of religion on a moder person’s outlook on life? 
18. Texting as a way of communication in the contemporary age. What are its positive and negative aspects? 
19. What are the potential aftermaths after introducing artificial iintelligence to the mankind?
20. Should bloggers be given the status of journalists?
21. How to fight with child obesity on a school level?
22. Can online learning have the same effects and benefits as conventional education?
23. Are print books at risk of extinction due to online media? 
24. Influence of online communication in the workplace.
25. Discuss and analyze some of the most important conspiracy theories.
26. Are computer games safe for small children? Provide examples.
27. Should children be introduced to the Internet, smartphones, and other modern technological applicances at an early age?
28. Does moral decay in the society have a connection to the fast-growing technology?
29. Does yoga help one gain control in life? What are its benefits for physical and mental health?
30. Violence on TV: What effect does it have on minds of small children?
31. Attendance problems at school and how to tackle them.
32. Employment process and age discrimination.
33. How to maintain work-life balance?

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