Life Told Through Life

The novel, Life Told through Life, is a story about young pregnant teens in the1950s in Cuba, who were taken to the I... View details >>

The Piano Lesson

The Piano lesson, a play by August Wilson (a renowned African American playwright) richly explores the black cultural... View details >>

The Conception of Value

Intrinsic value has been thought to be centered on ethics. It is a very important value when it comes to various mora... View details >>

Oedipus at Colunus

In many Greek dramas, most the actions usually takes place in the offstage. The Sophocles (1310-1676 )  uses the devi... View details >>

Antigone: the OtherTruth

The king of Thebes is a leader in a time when his country is under transition from one leader to another. The king ha... View details >>

Intersection of Psychology and the Media

Media psychology is the intersection of media and human experience. Media psychology can also be described as the pra... View details >>