Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

An additional and useful services offered by our company – – is progressive delivery, which means the delivery of certain papers in parts. This generally suits anyone with assignments that are larger and/or more complicated than regular assignments i.e. papers made up of 10+ pages typed in single-spacing or 20+ pages when they are typed in double-spacing. Essentially, progressive delivery can make a large paper more manageable.  

The Primary Benefits:

  • Enables the tracking of orders – simplifies the task and makes it easier. Also makes it easier for customers to check papers before they have to submit them since they receive each part when it is complete.  
  • 30 days to submit requests for free revisions whereas revision requests for standard papers need to be submitted in 2 days.  
  • Papers completed by best personnel – all writing and editing done by true professionals.   
  • Personal managers assigned to oversee the successful completion of each assignment and to ensure seamless and efficient communication between all parties during the writing process.  

The means by which drafts are sent/delivered*:

  • In the case of a deadline of 4 days or less: As 50% of the stipulated deadline arrives, sends 25% of the customer’s order to them i.e. in the event the customer specifies a 2-day deadline for a 20-page order, they receive 5 pages of draft text on the expiration of 1 day of this deadline.
  • In the case of a deadline of 5-11 days: As 25% and 50% of the stipulated deadline arrives, sends 25% and 50% (respectively) of the customer’s order to them. .   
  • In the case of a deadline of 12 or 12+ days: As 25%, 50%, and 75% of the stipulated deadline arrives, sends 25%, 50% and 75% (respectively) of the customer’s order to them.

How does the price of this service compare to our standard delivery service? It only costs +15% extra! 

  • Sometimes the method we have described above might not suit the customer. In such cases, the customer should discuss their particular needs with the person managing their order to devise a method or plan that suits all parties.   

Additional Services

These additional services are suitable for customers with shorter orders, e.g., those under 20 pages:

1-Page Summaries

The 1-page summaries we provide are suitable for (and recommended for) customers who are obliged to periodically report progress. We make sure all the important points from an entire document are succinctly condensed onto the one-page summaries we provide. 

Draft Papers

This option provides you with a draft of a particular paper, and is available when 50% of the deadline you set has passed. We provide 1-page drafts in the form of 600 word or 300 word documents – depending on whether double spacing (300 words) or single spacing (600 words) is required by the customer. Put in simple terms it means we send you a draft within 2 days where the total deadline is set at 4 days.   

Extended Revision Time

There are a number of service features that guarantees its customers, one of which is free revisions for every order. In the usual sense, customers should submit revision requests within two days (48) hours of receiving a paper from us. It is possible, however, to have this timeframe extended to a longer period – 14 days – if or when required by the customer.