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Essay Writing Tips

It is recommended to begin working on the essay as early as possible. Forget about stress and anxiety, stop procrastinating and dedicate all your time to developing essay ideas.

The main essay question should always be kept in mind. Avoid losing track of the main question in your essay. Think about it when you compose the final draft, revise and edit your essay.

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It is recommended to write your essay at once. Start with writing down your main ideas. Make short plan with bullet points. Write slowly, paragraph by paragraph and avoid chaotic thoughts.

It is better to write essay intro and conclusion after you are done with the main body. When you realize what the essay is going to be about, it will be easier to write introduction and conclude your essay in a logical manner.

‘Signpost’ words can be used in essay writing. Such things as transition signals help your target audience to track ideas and thoughts in the correct order.

Every evidence should be incorporated accurately. Use introductory phrases in order to present paraphrases and direct quotations.

Make a revision of your draft. Your essay should flow coherently and should be structured logically.

When you think that you are done, out it aside. After a few days, reread it with fresh eyes and improve the mistakes.

Answering the Essay Questions: Essay Parts

Usually an essay has a lot of information. It is presented in special sections or essay parts. Even if your essay is short, it still has to perform certain functions, like introduction of an argument, data analysis, counterargument rise, and conclusion. Introduction as well as conclusion are located in fixed essay parts. All other parts do not have fixed places. For example, a counterargument may be presented in a paragraph, in a separate section, in the beginning on the paper, or before the concluding paragraph. Background information (biographical information or historical information, main terms definition) is most often presented at the essay beginning. It appears after the introductory paragraph. However, you can allocate it at the beginning of a particular section, which is relevant to the background information.

It is useful to think about various sections in the essay as answers to a series of questions your potential reader may have in mind while reading your thesis statement. It is important for the reader to have a question when they read your thesis. Otherwise, you thesis can be perceived as observation and not an argument.

"What?" The very first question a reader may have is “what?” What can support your thesis? What evidence do you have? To properly answer these questions, you need to analyze your evidence, thus proving that your claim is true. A so-called “demonstration” or “what” section should appear at the beginning of your essay. Usually, it is located right after the introductory paragraph. When you begin writing, it is important to report what exactly you have observed. Here you need to write the most. Beware! This information should not be more than a third part of your essay. In many cases it can be even less. If you exceed this section, the essay will not be balanced and may be perceived as simple description or summary.

"How?" An interested reader may wonder whether thesis claims are always true. Therefore, he/she may ask, “How?” How can your thesis stand to the counterargument challenge? How can the new information influence your claims? Usually, you will need to include at least a short “how?” section. It is presented after the “what?” section in most cases.

"Why?" The reader will want to find out why your phenomenon interpretation matters to other people? What is at stake when you present your claim? When you answer this question, you should address bigger implications. It will help potential readers to better comprehend your essay. By answering the “why?” question, you will provide an explanation why your essay is crucial not only for you. It is better to present the full answer to this question in the end of your essay. In case you fail to provide an answer to it, the reader will perceive your essay as incomplete or even pointless.

Write An Essay

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