Write a Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is a type of paper that requires examining two or more items. Comparative essays can be of two kinds. The first one requires that you focus on the similarities of your selected items while the second one should discuss its differences. Also the paper can be more of contrast or comparison essay, which depends on your emphasis. If you want to find more information on how to write a compare and contrast essay, read the following article.

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Main Points to Consider while Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

  • When you write your comparative essay, you should pay close attention to details. Quite often, you have to compare the items you encounter every day, but you never think about them in terms of their similar and different features. In order to provide a good comparison, you have to take time and brainstorm ideas. It is very important to find and take a fresh look at the discussed topic.
  • One of the main steps while writing your compare and contrast essay is to adhere to the proper academic paper structure (either point-by-point or block). You have to pay attention to this aspect as it seriously influences your grade.
  • While writing a comparative essay, you have to think about the audience that you address. It is essential to know your readers in order to make sure that the subject you are writing about is really important and interesting to them. Think about peculiarities and qualities of your audience to find out their values and interests.
  • It is crucial to choose an appropriate topic. Therefore, you have to ask yourself whether your paper will bring any significant value to your readers. Outline your items for comparison and if you are not sure of your decision, it is better to change your topic.

The Most Common Mistakes in Comparative Essays

  • Beginning your paper without a clear and good idea. Before writing your essay, you have to choose whether your comparison will be more focused on the similarities or the differences of your selected items. After you decide on it, you can start creating your outline and writing your draft.
  • Selecting too general or widely discussed topic. Remember that it will be better if you choose new and interesting topic as many students make the same mistake by choosing a common one. It results in plagiarized content and low mark. If the topic has been discussed a thousand times, it will be very difficult to provide an authentic and plagiarism-free compare contrast essay.
  • Choosing the items that are equally useful/bad/good/advantageous. You have to remember that in order to write a successful comparative paper, you should clearly know which item is better.
  • Including tables or charts in your essay. It is true that it can be easier to organize the similarities or differences of your items into some graphic structure, but remember that it is not a good idea. While writing comparative essays, you have to avoid using tables or charts. However, you can use them when writing a draft in order to help yourself to organize your thoughts and ideas.

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