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Where Do Future Female Leaders Study?

November 22, 2017

Where Do Future Female Leaders Study?

It is high time for women to run the world, isn’t it? If you have enough ambitions and persistence to hold office as a future leader in the main spheres of nation’s life, these colleges are certainly worth your attention. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Smith College

Smith College, which is also known as the feminist college, includes alumnae like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, who are both outspoken feminists. Beyond that, Smith College hosts an annual conference, the Women’s Leadership Conference, which includes workshops and activities for women to learn, improve and grow. It has also started a campaign that is aimed at making a Smith education accessible by granting scholarship and providing financial aid for female students from around the globe.

Sarah Lawrence College

Both the college and the campus culture can be described as “funky”. The alumnae include actress Carrie Fisher and author Alice Walker. Sarah Lawrence College also boasts its amazing clubs for women in STEM fields. Moreover, this educational institution is aimed at empowering female activists. Believe it or not, you will definitely get motivation and inspiration at SLC even if you aren’t very active in whatever movement.  

Chatham University

Chatham can boast of having 81 percent female students. Did you know Chatham first admitted male students only in 2014? The main focus of the university is on encouraging students to pursue advocacy and understand gender studies. Chatham is home to alumnae author Rachel Carson and the current mayor of Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser. Every part of campus is permeated by female empowerment, especially the Women’s Institute. Events like film screenings, community projects, and lectures are provided for all Chatham students.

Mount Holyoke College

This school might ring a bell as the first all-women school, right? It also encouraged other educational institutions to start admitting female students. Mount Holyoke hosts different initiatives, including camps and conferences. It is the place where female empowerment is encouraged even though not all of its students are women. Beyond that, the school can boast of its alumnae that include Florence Wald and Gloria Johnson.

Wellesley College

If you are having difficulties in preparing for the workforce, Wellesley’s HERS Summer Institutes offer excellent courses for teens. Hillary Clinton, Soong Mei-ling and Madeline Albright are only a few prominent leaders that used to study at this college. One of its main clubs, Women in Business, promotes leadership skills, teaches young girls and women about different industries and spheres of work, provides them with the necessary tools, helps them navigate the world and finally succeed in what they are pursuing in their lives.

Supporting women should be the main aim since without them the world wouldn’t move forward and get better. Therefore, the mentioned above colleges are encouraging women to become leaders and teach the men to respect them and treat as equal.


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