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When is President’s Day Celebrated?

February 20, 2017

When is President’s Day Celebrated?

President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It should be noted that it is established as a federal holiday in the United States. Nevertheless, some states are free to name it either as Washington’s Birthday or as President’s Day, as well as to choose whether to observe the holiday as a public one. Regarding the private companies, it depends on their attitude to the public holidays in general. Such companies are free to decide themselves whether to make it a holiday for their employers or not. As President’s Day is a postal holiday, no mail deliveries are possible on this day. Also, most public educational establishments and government offices are closed on President’s Day. Prior to the celebration, students at schools listen to speeches and lectures conducted by their schoolteachers or some invited guests. Usually, the lectures are devoted to the US residents and their role in the formation of a sovereign land and a strong nation.

Historical Facts about President’s Day

  1. Originally, the holiday only commemorated George Washington and his considerable contribution to the USA and was celebrated on the 22nd of February, which is the exact date when Washington was born.
  2. By the beginning of the XIX century, Washington’s Birthday had firmly been rooted as a real national holiday. The holiday commenced deeply patriotic traditions, such as delivering encouraging speeches and honoring Washington and his achievements.
  3. The holiday was celebrated by people, and the traditions of celebrations included festivities in the country’s taverns.

Lincoln’s Birthday

Lincoln is another president who is regarded to make a significant contribution to the country. He was also born in February – on February 12. The first established celebration of his birthday took place in 1865. It was one year after his assassination, and the congressmen gathered to deliver a memorial speech to honor Lincoln. Despite the fact that Lincoln’s birthday was not celebrated on a state level, it became a legal holiday in many US states.

HR 15951

In 1968, the Congress passed the Act (referred to as HR 15951), according to which a few of federal holidays were shifted from their established specific dates to certain Mondays. One of such holidays was Washington’s Birthday, which was to be celebrated on the third Monday of February. This Act has also introduced three-day weekends for the state workers. Since the time when Washington’s Birthday was renamed into President’s Day, the holiday has been aimed at paying tribute to all US presidents, apart from Washington and Lincoln.

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