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What to Expect from Your College Roommates

November 1, 2017

What to Expect from Your College Roommates

When you imagine your college experience, you probably envision your roommates perfect. They have the same music preferences as you have, love the same TV shows, fall asleep at the same time and always clean the room. Unluckily, this often differs from reality. Sometimes, college roommates make the campus living unbearable, and probably you should better have more realistic expectations.

It Is a Shared Place

When you are at home, you probably have the option to close in your own room and enjoy your time alone. Unfortunately, the situation is different when you are living in campus. Even if you have great relationships with your roommates, you still lack some alone time.

Additionally, you will probably have different schedules. You may have some early classes, while they have a late bedtime. Or they may invite guests when you need to study or want to sleep or simply are not in a mood. However, if your roommate abuses your space, for example, stays up until 2 a.m. and acts too loud each night or has a friend in your room every day, you should have a frank talk about boundaries. Spend some time together to make a schedule, which will benefit both of you.

They May Be Messy

You definitely dream of a college roommate who is a clean freak. However, you can rarely meet a really a clean college student, and your roommate’s mess will irritate you just as your mess will irritate them.

The best way to avoid such a problem is to split up responsibilities for cleaning the room. For example, one of you dusts, and the other vacuums on certain days.

Learn to Resolve Conflicts

Almost always, there arises a tension between roommates at some point. Perhaps, they are too noisy or too clean. Or have a “what is mine is yours” mentality, which crosses all your boundaries. Anyway, instead of living with it or acting in a way that is passive aggressive, you should talk to them. But remember to stay calm and polite during the conversation and make sure you express your point of view clearly and correctly.

Besides, it is vital to realize when enough is really enough. If the conflict or tension between two of you affects your performance, personal life and well-being, probably, it is better to move on. Maybe, you should put in a request with campus housing to be moved. You never know who your new roommate will be, but if you feel uncomfortable with your nowadays’ situation, a simple move may change everything for the better.

Living with a roommate is just as significant part of college experience as preparing for tests and writing academic papers. If it is not ideal, find the way to make it more comfortable. And if it is, then you are a lucky one.

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