What is a Capstone Project?

The thing is that nobody knows the exact answer to this question. You will ask why? The answer is: it’s very versatile. If you are a college or university student, you will have to do your final exams. That’s where you will learn what a capstone project is. This work is the research, which you should make in the field of study you specialize in.
Is a capstone project really difficult? It depends on the amount of knowledge, which you remember from the years of studying, as this project should cover it all. During the preparation of this project, you should use your knowledge, critical thinking and other skills. 

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What should a Capstone Project Contain?

You should remember that first of all this project is an opportunity to place your knowledge in order to test the experience you’ve earned. As a rule, a student has a mentor who supervises the project, so don’t be shy to ask about all the details, such as: your schedule, deadline, and the way you will communicate with your mentor. Remember to discuss the ideas for a capstone project. 

Things to Remember

  1. First of all, you should make a list of papers, assignments and exams, which you have taken during all the years of your studying to refresh every piece of knowledge in your memory. Secondly, you have to write the description of every paper.
  2. Secondly, such projects are similar to the research papers, which you’ve already written, and you may refer to those.
  3. The topic you select should be both interesting and approved by your mentor. In addition, it has to cover as much material, which you’ve learned, as possible.
  4. Collecting references is the next step. This is the step where you will have to spend some time in the library, looking for sources and writing them down according to the proper style. 
  5. Always take notes and add information from your previous papers.
  6. Remember that the introduction and conclusion are written when there is a main body of work.

Choose a Topic

You can either choose a topic from the list, which your professor gives to you, or deliberate on your own topic. The most important thing is that your topic should be really interesting for you so that you can maintain the passionate attitude throughout the whole period of writing.  

Take it into Consideration

There are requirements to the proper formatting style. You may find them on the website of your university or below:
-    45 pages or more for the project length;
-    No less than 15 sources used;
-    Sources should be mentioned in the reference list according to the style required;
-    Include the table of contents, introduction, the body, conclusion and references part.
-    You can use the management software to make the list of references easily (Papyrus, Mendeley).

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First of all formulate the statement of your thesis. Make it precise and easy for understanding. The thesis will be a foundation of your work.
The next important step is to make a plan and adhere to it. Read your materials and make a draft. It is important to get the knowledge of your literature sources so you can understand what information you lack.
Work first on the main body of your work. When you know the concept of your paper, it will be easier to formulate the introduction and conclusion in the end.

Avoid the Following Mistakes

Sometimes students write papers with very good statements and arguments, but the impression of the paper is spoilt because of the mistakes. In order to make your paper successful and credible, remember to avoid the mistakes mentioned below.

  • Long Sentences

If it is your first project, you may feel that you are obliged to impress the reader with the richness of your language and other writing skills. That’s why you may write long sentences with sophisticated phrases and words. But the truth is that those sentences do not always impress, as they make the thought harder to understand, comprehend and even to read. Big and difficult words are also not an option. Try to articulate your thoughts in a simple way, so that they can be understood without any explanations. Your sentences should be short and precise. Make sure that you readers will not be misled by your language proficiency.

  • Wrong Paper Structure

There are always examples and recommendations on how the work should look like as to it length, structure, details etc. Remember to follow those instructions as they are given to you not only for you to receive a good amount of points in the end, but also to make the whole process easier and convenient. The basic structure to use in your paper has been already discussed above, but make sure to check the information on the matter on the websites and discuss it with your mentor.  

  • Other Mistakes

Of course, one of the most common mistakes for all writers is the improper use of grammar constructions. Most writers make mistakes and submit their works with them, because they forget to proofread or are just too lazy for that. Remember that proofreading is a very important step! It will help you not only to avoid grammatical errors and correct misspelled words, but also to ensure that you have met all the requirements necessary for your paper.

We hope now you have better understanding of how to write a capstone project. Wish you luck with finding your capstone project ideas!