Ways You Can Benefit From Social Media in Your Career

September 4, 2018

Ways You Can Benefit From Social Media in Your Career

It is totally wrong to think that social media activity aims only at entertainment. On the contrary, it became a powerful mean of information, marketing, and self-branding. 
Once you want to get a job, your networking account would be definitely checked. Employers are interested in how you present yourself, what interests you, and what you find appropriate to post on your wall. Therefore, a webpage reflects in many ways each other candidate casting light on his or her views, lifestyle, and involvement in a professional activity. Well, it is so important to start keeping a right presents I nets from the university. 
It doesn’t only play the role for those, who want to obtain a job, but also some already employed people may lose their position because of some inappropriate activity on social nets. More and more recruiters approach this kind of screening their members of staff. 

In fact, compiling a nice CV is only half of it. Here are our tips on how to create a positive self-image by means of nets and get an acceptance of possible employers. 

#1.Email Address Matters 

Many people do not get the importance of having a clear and appropriate email address adding some strange words there. However, this is the very first thing that a recruiter may use to convey an impression of you. This is what your future employer will type in the recipient line replying to your well-composed CV. 
Can you just imagine getting an email from, would it be a sign of a serious and reliable person? It already tells something about you even if it doesn’t mean anything to you. 
Sure, this is how you have used to name your mailboxes in the past years, but things are changed, and now you opt for a working place in line with numerous potential candidates and the competition could be fierce. You do not need to delete your youth email box, just create an alternative one for businesses. 
Pro Tip: It is better not to add any symbols, nicknames, or numbers to your professional email address. There’s a risk that with these things your letter may go to bin being considered to be spam. 

#2.Online Activity Should Be also Spotless 

This statement may evoke discontented reaction, and you may insist that you have the freedom to post anything you would like to. That is right that you are in power to do this but not to be own enemy. You should understand that a recruiter gets much information to analyze from your social media page. Checking it, an employer gets an insight about you and decides whether to contact you for the further interview or not. 
A survey conducted in 2017 by Career Builder states that more than half of all recruiting companies check candidates by the means of social media. The crucial things they are looking for are some info on the qualification and personality characteristics. 
So, think carefully before posting a super cool photo from the last night’s party or tricky selfie because it could literally have an influence on your employer. 
Pro Tip: You do not like the idea of deleting a huge number of posts made over past years? Refer to reviewing the privacy setting of your account. That would be a pretty good decision in case you wouldn’t like spend countless hours for it.   

#3.Do not Be Too Secretive about Your Personality 

You should keep a healthy balance of your presence on social media. The previously mentioned survey by Career Builder also brings in that more than 50% of candidates who couldn’t be found online are simply not asked for an interview. It is more likely that you get to the take the lead with those whose nominees are preferred by a company or organization. 
So, leave something private for yourself not overloading your page with dozens of photos from vacation or hanging out with friends, but also give some background info about your personality and do not keep interests in professional sphere hidden. 
Additionally, you could add “About Me” section telling something that you consider being essential to describe yourself. That should be something that tells about your character traits and how you perceive your profession and yourself within it. 
Whenever you feel uncomfortable and want to keep privacy, we recommend check out privacy settings. 

#4.How about Creating a Profile on LinkedIn 

Creating a page on LinkedIn is very quick and won’t require any special efforts. It is a nice strategy to state about you as a person in some sphere. You could build contacts with people in this professional area and get to know about their ways up a career ladder. This presence in social media is a vital one. What is more, the website gives timely information on job vacancies.  
It is a nice idea to mention some of your accomplishments and projects. You may also give insights to your publications of research papers and articles. This way you give your colleagues a chance to get to know something worthy and related to their professional activity. Creating a LinkedIn account is not an action in case of emergency when you have already sent your CV to a couple of agencies, but a thing that can be useful for new acquaintances and career advancement. 
Pro Tip: LinkedIn is the place where you can follow people or companies you are interested in. Moreover, you can read some tips and post of top managers. 

Summing up, your image on social media is definitely a very important criterion for a candidate to be hired. The way your webpage and email address look like creates an impression of you and tells about you as a personality. You should definitely tell about your presence online and take your own place in the professional sphere. 


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