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Ways of Writing Personal Essay

June 28, 2017

Ways of Writing Personal Essay

So you’ve stepped on the track of applying to college. This process is time-consuming and nerve-wracking because it includes a lot of steps you need to take. One of them is writing a personal essay. Keep on reading to learn 4 main tricks that will help you reach perfection in your essay.

Don’t stress over good essay writing

Right off the bat, the first advice is to take it easy. Your essay is only one constituent of your “potential future student” image that the examiners will see. You already have your scores and achievements behind your belt so at this point you only need to dedicate some work to your essay that will accompany them. It is mostly used to understand your personality but it’s still not the only factor.

Stay personal

Even when you choose a topic that seems not to be centered around your personality, it still should become its main focus in the end. Whatever you write about, link it to yourself. If it’s about the most influential person in your life, describe how they’ve shaped your character and what you’ve learned from them. If it’s about some life experience, reflect on what lessons you’ve got from it. In this case being self-centered is not just accepted but actually required.

Let the creativity out…

… but don’t go overboard. While academic essay writing is supposed to follow a set of certain requirements, it’s relatively free when it comes to using humor and taking a creative approach. However, everything has its limits, and you should keep in mind the main purpose of your essay – to highlight your strength. If that’s humor, then it would be great. If it’s not, maybe you should decide against using it.

Tell something new

While writing your essay, remember that all your general information is already available to the examiners. That’s why there is no need to enumerate your accomplishments or give any basic facts. Instead, focus on deeper aspects of your personality. Tell something that is not obvious from your scores, records, academic and personal achievements.

Finally, when your essay is ready, try to improve your writing skills by reading it carefully and getting rid of any mistakes or awkward wordiness. Consider giving it to someone else to hear their opinion. However, remember that it’s your personal essay, and it shouldn’t be altered to meet someone else’s needs.


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