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Valentin’s Day in the USA

February 14, 2017

Valentin’s Day in the USA

What is the symbol of Valentine’s Day?
The symbol of Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of beautiful red roses and a greeting card with hearts. The whole day is devoted to love and romance. 

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?
The day loved by millions of people is on the 14 February.

How do people celebrate it in the US?
Americans like celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving each other small gifts, for example flowers and sweets. In schools, students make cards and posters to demonstrate their love to parents. They also give small tokens of friendship and special attitude to their classmates. Those are candies or cute Valentine’s Day cards with pictures of favorite characters from cartoons or popular pop singers. 

What is a “candygram”?
Candygram is a Valentine’s Day activity popular among the students of secondary schools and colleges. A candygram is typically in the form of a box of chocolates or a heart-shaped lollipop. Young people buy sweets in advance and give them with a sincere Valentine’s Day note to people they like. It also happens that gifts are given by anonymous senders. 

How do adults celebrate the holiday?
In most cases, adults prefer traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. They send nice cards to their loved ones and best friends. It is interesting that Americans send the highest number of cards on two holidays: Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Besides, they give beautiful flowers to each other. A traditional flower on this day is a red rose, but some people also choose lilies or red tulips. 

What is Valentine’s Day food?
The most traditional present related to food on this holiday is a box of sweets; however, many couples also like having meals at cafes and restaurants to enjoy special atmosphere. 

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day goes back to early times and a different culture. Having the roots in Christianity, this romantic day is related to a person named St. Valentine. There are several different theories about this man as the Catholic Church recognizes three martyrs named St. Valentine, who are all related to the holiday of love. 

What are the legends about St. Valentine?
One legend says that when a Roman emperor forbade young men to marry in order to turn them into outstanding soldiers, St. Valentine was the only person who kept marrying loving couples. He was sentenced to death for his disobedience. Another story tells about St. Valentine who helped Christians escape from prisons and was sentenced to death. Waiting for death, he fell in love with the daughter of the jailor and sent her a love note “from your Valentine.” It is not possible to determine whether the legends are true. However, it is the fact that one of St. Valentines was buried on 14 February. 

Was the holiday celebrated by Romans?
Ancient Romans had a fertility festival in February and believed that February 14 was the first day of the bird mating season. 

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