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Reasons Tech Pros Should (Still) Use a Cover Letter

October 23, 2017

Reasons Tech Pros Should (Still) Use a Cover Letter

Demand for IT experts is tremendous currently. Tech pros are required in diverse industries, their salaries are awesome, and the working schedule is maximally convenient and flexible. Apparently, they tend to establish their own rules quite often, but some of them are standard, crucial, and undeniable – such as a cover letter.

It is quite understandable if a tech pro has never written a cover letter – good experts are just vanishing in the corporations these days. Still, if you are looking for a job or planning to – welcome to a brief and efficient tutorial on cover letter relevance and proper form.

If a cover letter was not attached to the resume in the past, there was no chance even for an interview. Nowadays it is not such an ultimate value for HRs, but it will represent you maximally as a professional.

Core reasons to Pay Attention to Cover Letter

  1. While technical abilities are actually the cake, which you are presenting to the HR, communication skills appear to be rainbow sprinkles and the sweetest icing that complete the picture.

The prevailing majority of employers prefer those applicants who clearly have excellent communication skills, especially when a potential promotion and huge responsibility are at the stake.  It is not only a positive impression, but also a perspective of further success and significant potential of yours that is not limited to IT only.

  1. A cover letter is what makes you special in IT market.

Yes, the demand for IT experts is dramatically high, but more and more newcomers pursue this field of battle dreaming of high salaries and other benefits, which you, guys, have. More and more experts appear, and soon it will not be enough to be an IT genius – you should be more than that. For instance, one of the core things many HRs are looking for, specifically nowadays, is the value that an applicant has delivered to his or her previous employers. Yes, some HRs are so busy (or superficial?) that they head right to your experience in the field and actual competence that you can demonstrate. Not all of them are as busy, though. Remember, that a cover letter provides the space necessary to present a compelling and at the same time succinct record of how you have made a real influence while working for previous companies. Hence, cover letters add dimension and color to the factual data outlined in your resume.

  1. The employers are eager to understand why their companies become the targets for applicants.

The question of each employer is as follows: Why do you want to join this organization? You do have options, and they know it. So, a serious approach will indicate your intention to stay with this company for quite a long term. And this is the ultimate function of a cover letter.

Start properly so that to enjoy success in the nearest future!


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