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Priceless Tips on How to Write a Resume

Now your academic years are behind and you feel prepared for looking for a job of your dream. You have already decided what direction you desire to move in. You...

How to Write Individual Chapters for a Thesis or Dissertation

This article provides a concise and comprehensive overview of what sections and sub-sections you should include in your dissertation. The advice offered here should prove useful when you are trying...

Ten Excellent Tips for Writing a Term Paper

Before getting started, make sure you understand precisely what it is your tutor wants. Read any instructions you are given thoroughly. If you have any questions, clarify these with your...

Great Tips on How to Rewrite a Text

If your aim is to write a text by rewriting it, you should be prepared to go over it several times. The following method is effective: Creating the first or...

Great Revision Tips

Consider your overall purpose for writing a particular piece and your audience. Look for opportunities to: Make the Focus Sharper Take another look at your introduction, paying particular attention to...

Writing a Research Paper

There usually comes that time in virtually every student’s academic career when they are given a research paper to write. Assignments of this type often cause the student a lot...