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Understanding Eating Disorders (Part 5)

March 27, 2017

Understanding Eating Disorders (Part 5)

The desire to help a person with an eating disorder is a great one. When you reach out to people who have such problems, make sure to exclude any judgment and show them that you really care about them. Positivity, optimism and unconditional desire to assist are essential. When the support system is established, the person who suffers from an eating disorder should seek medical or mental treatment from a licensed specialist. There are also a great number of resources that can assist in healing it.

Resources For Treatment Eating Disorders

  • NEDA is one of the greatest resources for the people who seek assistance in curing eating disorders. This website offers links to various useful articles related to different treatment opportunities. Correlated topics are included, as well.
  • Eating Disorder Hope has an excellent blog that can help select a qualified specialist and specific considerations for treatment.
  • Something Fishy is devoted to awareness of eating disorders. It includes lots of articles about popular and untraditional kinds of treatment.
  • The Mayo Clinic has all possible options used for fast recovery and treatment.
  • Great thing about this search tool is that it is confidential. It makes it possible to look through the ways to treat eating disorders on a convenient national map.

Resources For Diversity Groups

  • Eating Disorders in Diverse Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Populations: Features the analyses of trends connected with eating disorders inside the LGBTQ community.
  • Race, Ethnicity and Eating Disorder Recognition by Peers: Allows exploring reported bias among people of color who have eating disorders at college.
  • Science of Eating Disorders: Look for a post from 2012 entitled “Who Gets Treatment? Your Ethnicity Matters.” It compares diagnoses of eating disorders between different ethnic and racial groups in the USA.
  • National Association for Males with Eating Disorders: Includes blog, links for upcoming events and diverse educational articles.

Resources On Campus

  • Eating Disorder Hope has a list of on-campus resources that can be found at certain educational institutions.
  • Eating Disorders on College Campuses: Implications for Prevention and Treatment: A very useful article consisting of 5 pages of text. It studies the role of prevention and treatment tools that are usually utilized by the campuses to treat eating disorders.
  • Learn Psychology: Comprehensive source for college students written by Dr. Scott Carroll.
  • A report from four eating disorder specialists. It explores treatment and recovery strategies of those who are transitioning into college.
  • CED: Blog series issued by Jennifer Moran. The researcher offers the students multiple useful tips on how to decrease stress during exams, how to eat mindfully on campus, etc.

Resources For Community/Support Systems

  • Eating Disorder Hope
  • EDReferral
  • The Butterfly Foundation
  • Eating Disorders Anonymous
  • PsychologyToday

Resources For Community, Family, And Friends

  • Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Mirror Mirror
  • NEDC
  • Eating Disorder Hope

Remember that eating disorders are curable. Everyone is able to overcome them.

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