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Top Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks

December 15, 2016

Top Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks

Some people argue what is better – to read books or listen to them. There is no single answer as it depends on the person’s learning skills and individuality. Some people learn information better when they can see it (visual learners), while others do better when they can hear it (auditory learners). Nevertheless, let us consider the question ‘why listen to audiobooks?’

Know Your Preferences

There are people who do not like reading. In case you are one of them, try listening to audiobooks. Perhaps, you will like it more.

Improve Retention

There is no conclusive proof of what is better – reading or listening. But what definitely works is the combination of the two. Audiobooks perfectly supplement your previous knowledge and help you better retain information. For this reason, when you have finished reading a book, you should listen to its audio version. You will remember it much better in this case.

Increase Your Learning Speed

You may play your audiobook at 1.5x or 2x speed without any harm to your comprehension. Thus, you can increase your reading speed and get more information in less time.

Save Your Time

Listen to your audiobook while doing something else, for example, while cleaning the house or going somewhere. Imagine how many audiobooks you can listen while being stuck in traffic or commuting to work.

Uplift Your Spirits

You can do this both with the help of music and audiobooks. In your audiobook, you may listen to a person who will motivate you and help you learn in the meantime.

​Get More Effective

Some books are better to listen than to read, such as biographies and conceptual books. Listening to them rather than reading will help you grasp the major events and concepts without loading you with the facts you do not actually need. It is also often better to listen to the books that seem to be too “dry” to read. In the meantime, it is better not to listen to how-to books and books about neuroscience as they cover too many details and require taking notes.

Assess the Convenience

It is very convenient to have audiobooks on your mobile gadgets and computer being able to access them in an easy way and start from where you stopped the last time. Moreover, listening to an audiobook does not require you to be in any special place. In spite of the noise level, location or time of the day, you can put on your earphones and just turn the book on.

It is your choice – to read or listen to books. Remember about the benefits of both and analyze what kind of learner you are. Pick the best way to consume information from a book yourself!


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