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Top Baseball Players Deserving Place In Hall Of Fame

November 28, 2016

Top Baseball Players Deserving Place In Hall Of Fame

There are baseball players not mentioned in sports Hall of Fame. Do they deserve to be not included to this list? Definitely, no. They had remarkable careers and ARE worth talking about.

  1. Pete Rose

Charlie Hustle is an internal part of baseball but today another prominent sportsman has to be pointed out, Pete Rose, the leader of all times. Numerous discussions around Pete’s use of steroids (and in this sense everything is fair) do not relate to the grace of his playing.

  1. Jeff Bagwell

This famous hitter of 1990s was accused of taking steroids. At the same time, his incredible result of 1529 RBIS, 1515 runs, 2314 hits and 449 home runs during 15 years of playing made him an icon.

  1. Barry Bonds

Barry used to be a baseball star before he started juicing. It is a fact. Nevertheless, his statistics are brilliant: 762 home runs hits, 8 Golden Gloves, being MVP of the league (7 times). Barry was an unbelievably talented player, with or without steroids.

  1. Mark Mcgwire

Similar to Bonds, steroids did not improve his career. A great hitter never acknowledged it but an attentive fan could notice the change in his body with the naked eye. Nevertheless, Mark managed to hit 20 homers in 15 seasons and 12 ones in 30, which is impressive.

  1. Sammy Sosa

As other hitters mentioned here, Sosa also deceived the game. Such baseball stars as Bonds, McGwire, and Sammy were the best of their era. As they denied abusing steroids, people kept being impressed by their play because of the unique technique.

  1. Edgar Martinez

Because he was playing in the minor leagues, Martinez could not show his talent until the age of 27. The same was in the Seattle team with Jim Presley and Alvis Davis, the best sports players of their decade. Therefore, the ability to demonstrate a talent in the upper league is equally vital as the skill itself.

  1. Mike Piazza

Another example of steroids ruining a brilliant reputation on the field is Piazza. His 427 home runs were out of the ordinary. Throughout the 10-year-career, Mike managed to do more than 30 home runs and over 300 of a batting average.

  1. Dwight Gooden

The most talented pitcher of 1980s became the victim of cocaine, which literary crushed his sport future. The top player of 1984, 24 wins and 268 strikeouts one year later. And such a poor ending. Drugs defeated another baseball rookie.

  1. Rafael Palmeiro

500 homeruns, one of the most prominent hitters of the league and no the slightest suspect of using PED’s until he got unmasked. Nonetheless, the fact remains that he was really good at baseball.

  1. Alan Trammel

This master of glove, superb fielder, and shortstop of 1980, made a legendary combo with Lou Whitaker in double play with Detroit. Trammel, the Jack-Of-All-Trades, had 185 home runs and proved to be better than Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith on this position.

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