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Top 5 Tips on Getting Things Done

August 21, 2017

Top 5 Tips on Getting Things Done

No matter how different people may seem, there’s one thing they have in common. Or it’s better to say, one thing they do not have – free time. Many years ago, I noticed that we do not use our most valuable resource effectively, so I dedicated my life to studying productivity and time management. In this post, I’m going to share the most useful tips on getting things done on time and achieving peace of mind with you.

Put Your Plans Down

Among all time management ideas, this one is the simplest, most obvious, and most often ignored. Nevertheless, if you put every task down, you spare yourself a trouble of keeping everything in mind in a constant fear to forget something. A detailed to-do list will make you less distracted and more confident.

Just Do It

If you want a day to be productive, plan it the night before. Draw up a plan of the things you have to complete the next day 10 minutes before going to bed/leaving your workplace. This way you will be sure you make all important calls, visit all appointments, book tickets on time, send birthday cards, etc.  

Eat the Frog First

Out of all the things on your to-do list, there always something you dread of thinking. This might be an unpleasant phone call, a meeting, or a decision you have to make. So, you keep pushing it to the next day with the overwhelming feeling of guilt distracting you and sapping your energy. It seems to be a vicious circle. The best way to avoid this feeling is to do the most challenging task first in the morning. The satisfaction that you crossed it out of the list can be worth your time and effort.

Get Rid of Distractions

They may seem like nothing but constant distractions that are the biggest killers of your productivity. Text messages, calls, short YouTube videos… Once you’ve finally got focused, the technology captures all your attention. However, you can control all that by managing your working space. While in silence and not distracted, you need to invest much less time in getting all the things done. Switching off your phone and logging out of Facebook are the most productive things to do.

Take a Rest

Being focused is a must, but it cannot last forever. Even if you have a million of things to do, fatigue takes over your body and thus effectiveness decreases dramatically. Therefore, take small breaks even during the busiest days.

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