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Top 10 Jobs College Graduates Should Avoid

January 2, 2017

Top 10 Jobs College Graduates Should Avoid

College graduates have plenty of options to regard as a dream job. However, they have chances to face some difficulties while selecting their first job. Consider 10 positions, including employment situations, enlisted below it is better to avoid for a grad.

  1. Family Business. Instead of working in a family circle, you have ample of wonderful opportunities to apply for more responsible and profitable positions.
  2. Sales Manager. Companies label commission sales positions as marketing because they are aware that plenty of graduates are interested in marketing. To avoid the trap, ensure that you know all the details concerning the job. Get in touch with the employer, and clarify the vague moments.
  3. Network Marketing. Beware of the companies that promise you uncommonly large incomes. As a rule, they ask you to purchase a set of cutlery, cosmetics or whatever and demonstrate its high quality, while also recruiting other people to enter the scheme. Such a sales model, known as a “pyramid,” is beneficial exceptionally for the top of the pyramid.
  4. Employer’s treatment to the Staff. You have to watch out companies with a high turnover, which is a sign of the disdainful attitude towards the employees. Instead of accepting an offer at once, clarify whether the graduates hired a few years ago have still been working for the company. Also, inquire about work conditions and opportunities for climbing a career ladder.
  5. Online trading job. Such a position involves investing money so that inexperienced grads risk getting into a trap. Instead, learn the basics while working for a company with the formidable reputation.
  6. The First Boss must be as appealing as the job itself. The recent graduate finds it complicated to work with a bossy autocratic leader. Therefore, try to find out the personal traits and management style of your future supervisor.
  7. Discouraging Occupation. If you want to achieve success, you have to choose those positions you are passionate about. Bear in mind that your job has to inspire you and coincide with your interests. Being a nature lover, you will not be able to spread products that pollute it.
  8. Declining Companies. As a grad, you have to choose an organization, which is firm on a labor market. Working for a shaky organization may end up with losing a job for a grad.
  9. Inconvenient or Undesirable Geographical Location. You, as a recent graduate, are open to any suggestions, but consider your preferences. For instance, if the cultural attractions of your hometown are extremely significant for you, you will find it difficult to work in the rural area.
  10. Absence of Training. Applying for a position, you have to clarify whether the company offers any training or you can appeal to the veteran employees for assistance. Otherwise, you will be supposed to obtain skills while working.


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