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Tips for College Students

June 5, 2017

Tips for College Students

Students who study computer science and information technology in college can really avoid problems that they usually face at the end of studying. However, in order to succeed in this, they should think ahead and begin gaining experience and researching for jobs while still being in school.

Frankly speaking, I have learned that on Information Technology arena some people are rather successful, while others have very big difficulties in even finding a job. Many students think that the only thing they should do is simply to find a job. Nevertheless, it is much more important to decide which job is the most suitable for you.

Recently I’ve received an email in which one of the students asks me for the advice on how to get a job. It is not as easy as it may seem because this student also asserts that he doesn’t have any working experience in this field and doesn’t feel well-prepared for a job at all. Being in such a situation causes many worries, but there are some effective solutions.

Getting a Job in IT

  1. If you are not in such a bad situation yet, are still studying in school and planning to learn IT in the future in college, don’t lose an opportunity to work part-time, because in this way you will undoubtedly gain relevant work experience. Those students who study such subjects as CS, Information Technology or MIS could apply for the vacancies that deal with tech support, computer lab work, or help desk. Students should also find out significant information regarding internships and work placement programs. If you begin working being at school, you will have more chances to get hired after graduation.
  2. Very often companies, as well as organizations, start recruiting students at the beginning of the fall semester. As a result, students are given nine months to consider all opportunities. Thus, they get the general idea about types of salary, potential employers, jobs, etc. I would highly recommend graduates not to put off job research. Don’t forget to inform you friends, employers, and relatives that you are in need of a job and try to ask about useful suggestions concerning this topic. There is a strong possibility that they have heard about some vacancies that meet your interests.
  3. Maybe there are only six weeks left and then you graduate, but don’t lose hope and talk to those on campus who deal with recruiting. Even if they don’t have free places, they might give you a piece of advice where to find employers still looking for employees. In addition, you could set up your account in LinkedIn and write a resume.

You may not know about the exact job you would like to pursue. In order to find this out, you’d better decide for yourself in what you are interested the most. Broadly speaking, begin talking to those people whom you can trust, so that you will know exactly which talents you have. Look around at every available option, use these tips for college students, and you will celebrate the achievements!


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