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Things to Carry in Your Backpack

September 19, 2016

Things to Carry in Your Backpack

What to put to your backpack in order to be prepared to any surprises college life might bring? We made a list of 10 most important things you should carry to class with you. So…

  1. Phone. We hardly can imagine our life without communication. And phone is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, you can carry your cell phone in the pocket of your jeans. But what to do if for some reasons your pockets are unavailable? Your backpack is the answer!
  2. Money. You’d better have some cash with you in case some emergency pops up (for example, like a sudden vital need to have a cup of cappuccino;)). If you’re not a fan of big wallets, here’s an idea: you can put your credit card, driving license and a school ID in one case – small and handy. I’m sure some cash will fit in there as well.
  3. Keys. These small things are the ones that we tend to lose most frequently. Make a small pocket in your backpack and put your keys there whenever you don’t use them. So, you wouldn’t have to run around the apartment in the morning trying to find your car keys or your dorm keys.
  4. Planner. If you still don’t have a planner – get one. This will help you keep your college and afterschool activities organized. Homework, appointments, jobs, classes, friends’ birthdays – make a habit to write it down and check your planner daily. You’ll never miss anything important.
  5. Notebook. Making notes is one more useful habit you should make friends with. Our memory can let us down in the most unpredictable and in the less suitable moment. Keeping notes will make you feel more confident.
  6. Pens & Pencils. Of course, there’s no need to carry the whole bunch of different color pens in your backpack, but if you like to keep your notes bright and colorful and consider writing with just one color to be dull, feel free to have as many pens, as the place in your bag and common sense allow). By the way, you might consider the compromise variant and buy a multicolor ink pen.
  7. Headphones. There’s so much noise around that sometimes it makes it hard to concentrate when you need to work. Headphones or earbuds will help you deal with that problem. Of course, they won’t guarantee the inspiration, but listening to your favorite music gives more chances to appeal the muse 😉
  8. Laptop/tablet. If you have one – bring it with you to the classes. Having access to the internet is really, really useful. You might need to send an important email or simply find some information online. Besides, it’s better to have the PowerPoint downloaded in front of you instead of all the way in front of the class, isn’t it?
  9. USB flash drive. It’s always a good idea to carry this small thing with you. It doesn’t demand much space but it can be very helpful in situations like, for instance, when you had no possibility to print your assignment at home.
  10. Snacks. No need to tell you that you definitely will feel the hunger after a few hours of classes. In order to give your brain the possibility to think about anything else than food, keep something like trail mix or chocolate bar in your backpack so you could reach for it when your stomach starts to remind you persistently about its existence.

Now you have your back covered (by your backpack :))


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