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Thesis Statement Writing

Completing an excellent and original piece of academic writing is unrealizable without a well-thought and well-versed thesis statement. Each piece of writing should comprise such key elements as the introduction with a thesis statement, the main body, and the conclusion. If a student fails to include all the elements into his or her essay, then he or she will never get a good or excellent mark for his / her written assignment.

 If you do not know what a thesis statement is, let us explain in detail. A thesis statement or simply thesis is one or two sentences that introduce the key idea of your essay or paper. A thesis statement presents your viewpoint regarding the chosen problem or topic, as well as help your future readers to follow the arguments given in the main body of your essay.  

If you do not know how to write a thesis for an essay, read carefully all the practical and significant recommendations given below. Take into consideration that you can always apply different techniques and approaches for writing a thesis for your essay. We would like to pay your attention to the most important techniques that you can base your work on.

  • Settling on the aim of your essay. You should clearly decide for yourself what the aim of your essay is. Later, it may be used as a thesis statement of the future work.
  • Preparing a summary. After you have conducted some research and thought over all the collected information and materials on the chosen problem or topic, try to summarize their essence. Then try to reduce your summary to one or two sentences, which will seem to be the key idea of your future essay.  
  • Expressing a viewpoint or opinion. Before taking up writing a thesis of an essay, express your viewpoint, position or opinion on the problem or subject without referring to credible facts, theories, material, statistics, or data. You are not supposed to write a final thesis statement of your essay just at the initial stages of your working process.

What points should be taken into account in order to write a thesis statement:

  • According to the thesis statement definition, a thesis statement implies presenting your claim that has been researched thoroughly and is supported by corroborative pieces of evidence.
  • A thesis statement can be changed or modified while preparing an essay.  
  • A thesis is considered to be a special guide for your essay as it is supposed to determine the key idea, structure and arguments provided in your essay. You should not panic if some people do not support your thesis statement. All people are free to choose whether they support or oppose your viewpoint.
  • Keep in mind that a thesis statement is to present the results of your research on the chosen topic or subject.

You should avoid making such mistakes while working on your essay thesis:

  • Taking a thesis statement that is inappropriate in terms of the essay length. For instance, you will not be able to dwell on all the causes and effects of the Second World War in two-page paper.   
  • Failing to focus on really significant and meaningful information.
  • Presenting other people's points of view or ideas as if they are yours.

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