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Peculiarities of the United States’ Native Americans’ Day

October 9, 2017

Peculiarities of the United States’ Native Americans’ Day

It’s a well-known fact that the second Monday of October is the holiday when American citizens observe Columbus Day annually. However, not all states celebrate it. As a matter of fact, they prefer observing other important events on this day. South Dakota, for instance, devoted this date to such official holiday as Native Americans’ Day. Apart from that, Americans who live in Berkeley, California observe Indigenous People’s Day.

What do usually people do while celebrating these significant holidays?

Actually, people in South Dakota devote this day to learning interesting information with regard to Native Americans’ Day. As a result, they get to know culture, background and tradition concerning Native Americans thanks to educational resources. What is more, they concentrate on the heritage regarding Native Americans. Also American people try to demonstrate the importance for native and non-native citizens to unite and become one big family, sharing numerous aspects in the sense of native culture.

Speaking of Berkeley, California, it must be admitted that different organizations, churches and community groups make an attempt to support the day be providing many activities that discuss the history, traditions and culture common for indigenous peoples that lived in the USA. Thus, it gives them a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of American nation. Pow wows and markets are considered to be cultural activities that gather indigenous people from North America. When pow wows are held, people dance, sing, socialize and celebrate culture of Native Americans.

Public life

Taking into consideration the fact that Native Americans’ Day has been established as a public holiday in Berkeley, California and South Dakota, government offices are not opened. In addition, lots of businesses, schools are closed. Nevertheless, such services like police, fire departments and emergency health services are available even on this day.


The year when the South Dakota decided to pass unanimously legislation that proclaimed 1990 to be “Year of Reconciliation” for those Americans that were native ones became 1989. Thus, Columbus Day turned into Native American Day. Frankly speaking, since 1990 South Dakota started celebrating the second Monday in October as Native American Day.

Americans, who lived in Berkeley, California stopped observing of Columbus Day in 1992. Instead, they dedicated the second Monday in October to Indigenous People’s Day. In fact, political correctness was especially associated with the city, therefore its officials chose 1992 to be called the Year of Indigenous People. Moreover, the California Assembly proclaimed Native American Day in 1998 to become an official statewide celebration on the fourth of September annually.

By tradition, Native American Day is thought to be a chance to honor and celebrate certain achievements of the American nation. So, in California and South Dakota many organizations, community groups remember about supporting this day, due to learning the traditions, background, and culture of Native Americans.

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