The Peculiar Features of Celebrating Mother’s Day in 6 Different Countries

May 14, 2017

The Peculiar Features of Celebrating Mother’s Day in 6 Different Countries

Gorgeous flowers, open-hearted cards, delicious cakes are all parts of every second Sunday in May. However, there are other ways to celebrate this special for every woman occasion. Different countries have their versions of well-known Mother’s Day.

Let’s take a look at the customs of some countries that celebrate Mother’s Day. 


The common feature of Mother’s Day in Mexico is music. Believe it or not, during this day bands are hired in order to perform at homes. Thus, mothers can indulge into their favorite songs. Amor de Madre is the most preferred serenade mothers are treated to. In the morning, it is common to serve them the breakfast of tamales along with a hot drink. 


Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12, the birthday of the symbolic mother of the country Queen Sirikit. You can witness breathtaking fireworks and candle-lighting ceremonies during this day. Mothers are usually presented with white jasmine flowers that represent maternal love in Thai culture. 
United Kingdom
Centuries ago, Christians used to travel to their mother churches so that they could worship, while children that worked away from home had a day off so that they could visit their mothers. Since then, the tradition of the celebration of Mothering Sunday began. Nowadays, it is the holiday to honor all British mothers for their devoted love and constant support. 


The Ethiopian festival of Antrosht, which is held at the end of the rainy season, is the time to honor mothers. Traditionally, children visit their mothers, mothers cook traditional meat hash, and families sing and dance for the occasion. 


Chrysanthemums are traditional flowers that are given to Australian mothers. Considering the fact that these flowers bloom during Mother’s Day, Australians call them “mums” for short. 


This country celebrates Mother’s Day as a public holiday, so people who work in government offices and children who go to schools have a day off. Interestingly enough, Mother’s Day in Panama coincides with the Catholic Feast that honors the Virgin Mary. Traditionally, children take their first communion on this day, which is a proud event for both children and their mothers. It is also typical to listen to the guitarists that go house-to-house and sing traditional mother songs. Mother’s Day also kicks off the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. 

Every country has its traditions and customs of honoring mothers, some of which are conventional while others are surprising, however, they all share the same aim – to make mothers feel special and appreciated. Do not forget to congratulate your mother on the occasion this year. 


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