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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay

Reasons for feeling hope about the future of the conflict

The eradication of the Iraqi army has recently minimized the threat of an all-out conformist war among Israel and its neighbors in eastern, dropping the real value for Israel of the Western Bank. At the same time, nevertheless, Israel has become conscious of the threat posed by the armed Iran, a situation that might terrorize Israel's neighbors to take a more insistent stance headed for Israel, exacerbating Israeli-Arab relations and increasing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

United States supported democratization towards the Middle East that may lead to reduction in the inter-Arab promotion for the Palestinian cause but may also be involved in inspiring movements of the Islam, generating superior Palestinian militancy and stronger negotiating positions.


The International rulings that are legal and intimidations of the sanctions among Israel are proliferating 

These are having a rising impact on the Israeli organization, which is really arriving at some international institutions. Measured global involvement, short of mediation or peacekeeping, could be cooperative in getting limited progress.

The fall down of Oslo, the collapse of Camp David, and the consequent four years of argument have damaged the trust of Israeli in a full-fledged process of the peace with the Palestinians. In a very close term, this outlook is unlikely going to change due to changes of the Palestinian leadership, however appealing they might be. Israel has decided to undo unilaterally from the Strip of Gaza and North West Bank rather than seeking to discuss its withdrawal. Disentanglement is aggravated first and foremost by a force to ensure the survival the Israel as a democratic and Jewish state to a certain extent than to reactivate the process of peace.

Most Israelis are now supporting the idea to fence off the territories of Palestine and doing away with the inaccessible settlements to secure themselves and also to avoid the absorption of Palestinian Arabs.