The Best Places to Volunteer

October 25, 2017

The Best Places to Volunteer

Volunteering is a very easy, enjoyable and grateful process. To experience it well, you just need to find the right opportunities. Below, you can find our suggestions of places, which are always in need of your help and energy.

  1. Shelters for Homeless always need volunteers to help them, especially in a period of a holiday season. You can assist through meal service there, for instance. Or, you may come there as a simple visitor to bring a conversation and companionship for those who are in need.
  2. Soup Kitchens, meal centers or food kitchens are constantly seeking for volunteers to help them set up, clean up, and cook, and for people who can provide a warm atmosphere for the homeless so that they could enjoy their Thanksgiving meal.
  3. A Food Bank needs people to help them organize donation funds, collect and pack items in food or box donations for destitute people. They also sometimes need assistance with loading trucks and delivering different items.
  4. Long-term Care Facility is also a great place to be a volunteer, since aged people there, in most cases, don’t have a person to share something with. They face loneliness and isolation, thus they need communication and care. These facilities may even organize events like Thanksgiving meal or meet-and-greets, where you also can take part in different ways.
  5. Pounds, unfortunately, are forgotten on holidays, but animals also need care on those days. Animal shelters welcome those who are ready to pay attention, clean after and play with animals of all sorts. Places are always available. If you love animals and desire to help those in need – volunteering in animal shelters is just for you.
  6. Shelter for Abused Women & Children is another excellent place to volunteer, especially if your love to children is as big as the ocean. You may assist by looking after children in the program, while other members work with women tete-a-tete.
  7. A Church or Any Other Religious Location usually provides people in need or/and elderly people with holiday meals and donation drives, so they will be more than happy to accept you as a volunteer.
  8. Hospitals might be terrific, especially when you’re alone there, but as long as they have inpatients, they need caring and compassionate volunteers. Besides of care, you can also brighten lonely days of patients, as well as your own life.
  9. Community Centers often host meals for those who need. They also organize donation drives to food banks, telethons, walks and other activities for the great purposes of the community.
  10. Colleges and Other Schools often host different events, including community dinners or holiday events for organizations like shelters for abused women and children. They always need help with cleaning, cooking and transporting.

No matter whether you’re a student or just a nice person, there are hundreds of places where people need you. Leave a piece of your heart to make others’ lives a little bit brighter and better than they were before. Good luck, volunteer!


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