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The Best European Cities for Student Parties

November 15, 2017

The Best European Cities for Student Parties

Summer is still in full spate and you have the right to forget about college routine for a while. Dear student, you just can’t miss to discover these amazing places in Europe that invite you to the best parties in your life!

Eclectic Lisbon

You can easily imagine some places, even if you’ve never been there. You presumably know what to expect from Paris or Venice, which are popular and much-talked-about. But what do you expect from the Portuguese capital? You’d say: another sunny old city. I bet you’ll be flabbergasted.

Lisbon is ingenious, relaxed and super-friendly, and it transforms magically at night. Parque das Nacoes offers a variety of compelling cafes, while Docas de Santo Amaro reveals some spectacular views by the Tagus river where you can enjoy a delicious cherry liqueur Ginjinha. When you walk along those narrow streets and hear Lisbon’s traditional music – sentimental fado, it seems that time stops. Suddenly, this dreamy mood changes and the city invites you to visit an artistic party somewhere at the Bairro Alto – the epicenter of Lisbon’s nightlife.

Vibrant Barcelona

Barcelona is colorful, creative and versatile: you’ll fall in love with it. Gaudi’s whimsical architecture impresses and inspires a thirsty mind, so you’ll want to spend the whole night at Park Güell, chatting about the eternal matters. But don’t feel too relaxed. Barcelona’s night clubs and music scenes are spectacular and you must discover those hedonistic corners! Visit budget-friendly bars where blues and grunge will fill your rebellious heart or experience glamorous seaside clubs where famous DJs will energize you. If you’re into stylish cafes – visit the Gothic Quarter, and if you adore bohemian atmosphere – don’t miss cool bars at El Raval and Gracia.

Eccentric Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a perfect place for hipsters and party animals. The crazy energy of this city pulsates in different rhythms, absorbing even modest travelers. Its dance clubs and cafes can satisfy any taste: jazz lovers, techno fans and old school rockers equally find their favorite places to chill. If the Red Light District is a bit outrageous for you, visit such clubbing areas as Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein.

Friendly Budapest

This outgoing Hungarian city is a superb choice for students: its hostels are full of creative adolescents, its art life is thriving, and its historical sites are so alluring; besides, it’s inexpensive! If you visit Budapest, don’t miss going to edgy ruinpubs and retro gardens, which will surprise you with delicious drinks at low prices and good music. One of the greatest ways to recreate yourself in Budapest is to visit a “spa party,” held in the best thermal baths, such as Szechenyi Spa & Bath.

Mysterious Prague

This gem of Bohemia is a favorite destination of booklovers and mystery seekers. Its incredible gothic cathedrals and grotesque houses where alchemists used to keep their secrets easily fuel imagination. There’re many ancient sceneries around, so it won’t be unexpected to find yourself at some eerie masquerade where guests resemble heroes and villains of some bizarre fiction. Simply strolling around the fantastic Prague after midnight will make you feel in the 18th century, which is better than any offbeat party. But if you crave to listen to some cool music and have a drink, visit the Karlovy Lazne Club or discover atmospheric cellar bars and lively beer gardens. The price for the entertainment will be greatly satisfying, especially for a student like you.

Modern youngsters should appreciate the epoch they live in. Nowadays, the world offers an abundance of opportunities; its beauty, entertainment and creativity are more reachable than ever. Even students that depend on their scarce budget can easily travel the world and have fun.


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