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Thanksgiving Day Begins the Holiday Season

November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Begins the Holiday Season

So long awaited and adorable winter holiday season is coming. The last Thursday of this month we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. The following day is Black Friday.

Thanksgiving is the holiday that has the status of the federal festive occasion in the United States. It is considered to be a family feast, so this day may also be called the day of gathering and hominess.

Common Ways to Spend the Holiday

There is a tradition for all members of the family to devote this day to their nearest and dearest.  Therefore, Thanksgiving Day is the day of reunion and of a very special meal. Usually, a festive menu consists of a turkey, which is the main dish, gravy, potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and different vegetables. However, the family lunch is not an aim itself, as at such a richly laid table people want to thank for everything they have.

Cities and towns organize wonderful parades and other festivities to make a joyful atmosphere and make every citizen feel it. Another thing is the beginning of Christmas shopping season. Luckily, many people have a weekend continuing four days, so they choose to travel in order to see relatives and closest friends.

Governmental Engagement

What is peculiar about Thanksgiving Day is that all the American government agencies, businesses, state schools and the rest of the offices are not working. What is more, employees quite often get a chance to spend four lovely days just relaxing.  Additionally, workers from the business sphere are allowed to have a day off on the Friday after the festivities. And even public transport system is not in action, so it is not available to use as usual.

You could hardly think of another such a busy traveling period for each American. That is why traffic jams are a common during the holiday. Everybody is in hurry not to be late for the football game or fest parade. 

Historical Context of the Event

Scientists doubt where the first rejoicing was held. Some believe it happened in El Paso in 1598. Others say the celebration took place few years later in Virginia Colony. The most popular version is to find the roots of the holiday in the Pilgrims’ celebration of a good harvest. Those days, the ritual of the fest was a church ceremony.

The first official Thanksgiving in the US was celebrated in 1863. It was George Washington who took the responsibility to establish the holiday in 1789. Apparently, some people do not recognize it to be something remarkable. For example, there is a group of Native Americans who express their disapproval of Thanksgiving. They prefer the National Day of Mourning at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth located in Massachusetts. 

Despite the fact that there are a lot of theories concerning the origin of Thanksgiving Day, it is the day that has been celebrated by many generations of Americans. Nowadays it is the part of our culture and the event, which is awaited with passion.

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