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Tennessee Williams Essay

Thomas Lanier William’s playwright is referred by many as the top dramatist of his era. Thomas was born in Columbus. He had an aggressive father who was a travelling sales man. His father exhausted most of his moment away from house. His mother Edwina was high%u2010minded, principled daughter of a clergyman who was allocated to a parish nearby in Clarksdale. Thomas was brought up in his grandfather's residence where his parents resided. They later moved to St. Louis in 1918. It is here that William realized dissimilarity between wealthy people and the underprivileged.

His Deep South intonation and scarcity made him an object of his school companion and earned him later on from his college classmates the pet name "Tennessee". Nevertheless he traveled with his grandfather to Europe where he was moved by its impression and culture. This made him wrote a great deal poetry. He joined college when America was experiencing huge despair. Since his family could not raise enough funds for his education he had to look for away out. He later left after some years to work with his father under the same shoe company. He struggled enough until he could pay for his university education (Hale).

The author had an elder sister who was institutionalized due to her mental problems. He had attended a number of universities before his final graduation in State University of Iowa. However a number of of his early works were produced at local and cloistered playhouses while he held several unusual jobs. It is believed that most of his play characters were based on his family way of life. He had learnt a lot from his own experience as well as day to day activities at home. ‘Battle of Angels’ was his first play to get a foremost production in 1940.later success came with ‘The Glass Menagerie’ (1945).

Williams was himself a bright and complex figure. Similar to most of his characters, he was agitated and driven by opposing desires: lonely and sociable, he was gentle and fiery, optimistic and philosophical. His homosexuality, have a say on certain morals and sympathies to his dramas. However of more impact was the pressure of his sister Rose. She was his committed companion throughout their childhood in Mississippi as well as in St. Louis; she afterward became mentally unbalanced and withdrew from the human race. Williams supposed her condition was not aided by their parents' miserable marriage and his personal thoughtlessness to her. In 1937, Rose underwent a prefrontal lobotomy, then considered therapeutic, which necessitated lifelong care in an institution Williams empathize with her trauma so much  that it produced his master theme–the confining life of human survival.

As an artist Williams used his own past, his personal alcoholism, homosexuality as well as his relatives and friends to give subjects and characters for his courageous derelicts and outcasts. Most of his plays take us to the southern states and shows us a perplexed society. In his works he exposes the deterioration of human feelings along with relationships. His heroes endure from broken families having no place in the general public. They have a propensity to be feeling alone and afraid of their surroundings. Along with the major themes of his theater are homophobia, sexism, racism, and realistic settings overflowing with solitude and hurt. The characters show boundaries of human cruelty and sexual behavior.


Tennessee Williams had a creative as well as notable career.  Listed with the heading page of his Memoirs, his composition consists of 24 complete plays, 25 undersized plays, single original screenplay, 4 short tale collections, a manuscript of poetry, along with 2 novels.  Three of his drama got the New York drama show Critics Circle Award:  The Night of the Iguana, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the Glass Menagerie.  Lastly, for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, he received elevated honors in the type of a Pulitzer reward in 1955.

Tennessee Williams’ work is exceedingly auto-biographical.  By his personal admittance, his plays contain relations to his own life.  A number of the most familiar characters in his works, made well-known on theater and screen, are populace he encountered located in situations he tasted.  The personality; Stanley Kowalski from a play known as ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, for instance, had to do with man by the similar name and worked in the shoe company with Williams. The magnetism Blanche has in favor of Stanley, as it is portrayed in the play, was alike to the one Williams had for the actual Kowalski.  Dakin, who was Williams’ brother, makes clear that it was obvious that Tom had an influential erotic and idealistic connection to Kowalski:  Kowalski's person name was frequently mentioned by Tom, furthermore to see them jointly was to see a smitten hero-worshipper along with the idol of his imaginings. No proof exists of something more than companionship between the two men, in spite of the strong feelings Williams had.

The father personality in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’, recognized only as Big Daddy was based on William’s own father.  At spots throughout his autobiography, Williams address his father as ‘Big Daddy’.  For instance, while talking about the summer job he had advertising magazines for women following his first year of college, Williams said that he never know how the idea came about, rather he just wanted to please his 'Big Daddy’ the father. (28)  The writer made use of his fathers’ term paper to exemplify his father's big and controlling personality. However this character was destroyed in an event at a poker game described by Williams as ’the decline and fall of Big Daddy. (36) 

This prolific author has written about seventy plays or more but his standing rests mainly on his foremost two Broadway hits. However one of his admired dramas was written in 1940 and it is entitled ‘The Glass Menagerie’. This play is a sad family drama which was first performed on Broadway. In this drama Williams twisted a medium through which to outlook his family existence.  Like the quotation by Dakin give details, the condition, the characters, along with the setting were all founded on real event and people neighboring Williams, moreover Williams yet used himself as the motivation for the main character. 

‘The Glass Menagerie’, set in a confined apartment, focuses expressively on the escapist thoughts of a destitute family. The play features the memorable Amanda Winfield, who shuns the hopeless present through living in her southern-belle history, during her courtship period with “gentleman callers." The daughter of Amanda seems formed on Rose Williams: the delicate Laura who retreats from certainty to play with glass porcelain. The character of Amanda Winfield resembles that of William’s mother. Laura Winfield in this case presents his elder sister who is mentally sick. The elegiac, aggravated son who works at a tedious warehouse and supporting his family portrays the character of Williams (Spoto).

He was a very flourishing dramatis, talented to attain critical approval in his existence.  For his encouragement he portrayed from his personal life experiences, plus the people he came across.  Furthermore even as his death was unforeseen, he has achieved immortality through his creations on both stage as well as film. For sure his work remains to be a clip in American drama.