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Surviving Your First Year in College

September 25, 2017

Surviving Your First Year in College

Having graduated from school you are eagerly waiting for a new life to come. However, so many unexpected things are waiting for you after school and it is hardly possible to keep up with all of them. You may wonder what kind of people you are going to meet there; what major events will be in college; what appropriate style is going to be the most important there; what food you will meet at the canteen and cafeterias and so on. Even though, college life may seem challenging, there are some helpful tips to help you understand that everything is not as scary as you might think.

How to Stay Fresh during Your First Studying Year

  • Manage your time wisely

Your new life may bring you new experience and impressions, as well as new troubles. You are now much less dependent on your parents and must learn to deal with your own resources – time and money. Spending your free time with pleasure and benefit, like attending extra gripping lectures, courses or master-classes will set you on a higher level than your group-mates, who will likely just waste this time.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

Explore new things, make new friends and try new experiences – only by leaving your zone of comfort, you will be able to enjoy this life to the full. Moreover, the college memories are the most remarkable and brightest ones.

  • Ask for help in more experienced ones

You are not alone in college, and definitely not the first one. Asking for help about classes, professors, apartments, or even partying will be both beneficial and pleasant. Senior students are always helpful and will show you everything, because they have also been freshmen and required help.

  • Find out your direction of studying

The sooner you understand what you want from this life, the sooner you will get pleasure from studying. However, do not worry if you cannot decide – some students are changing their major up to four times during studying. Take your time and think hard about it.

  • Use the chances

College is a perfect place for self-realization. You can do everything possible, starting from theatre courses and ending up with teaching program somewhere in Indonesia. One thing that you should definitely avoid is being shy. Show your interest towards the things that grab you attention and do not be scared of trying them.

  • Join the communities

What each college is definitely full of is various communities for all the students to find their interest. It is a great way to power up your resume with unusual experience and positive feedbacks from smart people.

  • Use all available resources

Resource centers in college are like real treasure places with the information instead of gold. Helpful staff will find you everything that you need both for studying and personal development. Do not miss the chance to use free collection of endless resources. However, it is only you who can decide whether to go towards the progress or stay on the same level.


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