Summer Job for College

April 13, 2017

Summer Job for College

For most of us, summer means rest. As a student, you deserve it more than anyone: tough classes, stress, sleepless nights, exams… All these have obviously taken a heavy toll on you. However, summertime is also a perfect time to pick up a totally new activity and gain some experience. I am talking about student summer jobs. Of course, it is almost impossible to find a job according to your major, but there are many good summer job opportunities which allow you to learn some new skills, mention something when creating a CV, and, of course, make some cash.

So, if you are not a couch potato and want to do some useful stuff this summer, the following tips are just for you:

Landscape Design and Home Repairs

Warm summer days are perfect for spending your time outdoors. Still, you were planning to make some money, remember? Why not to do both? You can start you own landscaping business. All you need is a lawnmower. You can weed gardens for other people or mow their lawns. Another type of work you can do in summer is house painting. It does not require much skill, but you can attract clientele pretty fast.

The Sphere of Entertainment

Summertime means that people are becoming more active and prefer to have fun in the fresh air. You can help them and get paid for it! For example, you can apply for a position of a safeguard at a local swimming pool. Well, you need to know how to swim, of course. Or you can find a job at an amusement park. There, you can help running game booths or assist in event management. The good thing is, very often they suggest accommodation for summer workers, so you can live there if you do not fancy commuting.

Taking Care of Kids

This would be a brilliant opportunity especially for those who major in fields connected with education. Or for those who simply like kids. You can spend this summer playing with them. Summer is the season of camps, so it will be pretty easy for you to find a job. The schedule is really flexible. You can either work on weekends or opt for daytime counseling. Another option you may consider is becoming a nanny or a private tutor. Many parents don’t want their children to forget the material they learned the previous year and fall behind with studies, so tutoring is becoming very popular.


Let me start by saying you won’t make much money, if any at all. However, the experience will be relevant to your chosen field and you will be a step ahead the other candidates during job hunting. If you are lucky, you can find an internship for which you will be paid. The work you will be doing will not require much skill, but you will observe other people and will be able to decide whether the profession you’ve been dreaming about is what you really need. If you are ready to sacrifice some time to get the invaluable experience, just call the company you like or ask your college counselors for help.

I agree that all of these options require some efforts. Nevertheless, you will gain some experience and make good money to afford a great vacation at the place you’ve always wanted to visit!



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