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Sugar-Free Lifestyle Means Positive Change

November 13, 2017

Sugar-Free Lifestyle Means Positive Change

Do you dream to become healthier and happier? Restrict the consumption of sugar. Indeed, refusing to consume sugar is extremely challenging, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. It seems to be a nightmare to refuse to eat those Nutella pancakes and marmalade cupcakes or to forget about the existence of that “heavenly” ice-cream fudge, but that's worth the effort.

The truth is what looks like a food-lover’s paradise is a candy-masked hell. And if you’re still skeptical, you’ll soon believe that sugar-free lifestyle is not as scary as it seems: desserts are not forbidden and they will remain sweet owing to natural sugars.

What Should Your Diet Include?

You can eat only low GI berries and fruits, such as cranberries, cherries, grapefruits, pears, apples, plums, strawberries and peaches (this variety is very yummy). Include vegetables and herbs in all eating occasions and then you won’t be able to live without your greens. Sometimes, it’s good to consume honey and maple syrup, which are great alternatives for delicious baking recipes. You will be surprised, but if you choose a low-carb diet, you’re allowed to eat some foods rich in fat, such as cream cheese and butter. Sugar-free organism easily processes fat, which becomes a favorable source of energy.

Slight Drawbacks

Early in the game, you’ll be somewhat frustrated because of constant craving to eat your favorite chocolate sandwich cookies or doughnuts. You’ll be exhausted because of those foodie desires and headaches caused by them. It may last for weeks, but you can smoothen this by drinking much water, which wonderfully eliminates the harmful sugar from your body.

Great Benefits

After you get rid of all your edible temptations, you’ll feel more relieved. You’ll suddenly realize that you’re not dying for high-sugar products anymore. The best thing about the sugar-free diet is that you stop being hungry. On the contrary, when you depend on consuming high-carb foods, your brain quickly uses this energy and then asks for more. However, when you eat only natural sugars, any fat you consume becomes the energy that doesn’t make you feel hungry. These eating habits greatly reduce fatigue and migraines, which means you will feel revitalized all the time. Indeed, your thankful brain will be satiated with creative ideas and you’ll be able to be productive even on hellish Mondays. You will also be pleased to feel that your state of mind is always optimistic. How can it be? It sounds like a good math equation: low sugar levels in your organism make serotonin levels higher. This neurotransmitter is responsible for your mood fluctuations and if there’s enough serotonin in your body – you feel joyful!

One more positive effect of consuming only healthy sugars is losing weight. If the daily workout is not your piece of cake, rejoice – a sugar-free diet helps to burn lots of calories even without exercising. Last but not least, your skin will look much better (and yes, it will make you more attractive).

Do you still have doubts about going sugar-free? Consider the advantages once again: you’ll be able to prevent the most dangerous diseases and mental disorders, as well as forget about obesity once and for all. You’ll become a healthy person, who is always invigorated, industrious and simply happy!


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