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November 21, 2016


College life is not only about studying, but also involves a lot of social experience. Fraternities and sororities form the conventional entities that are often referred to as the Greek communities for college students. Joining a sorority or fraternity is a responsible and significant step for every student.

There are many reasons why fellowship plays such an important role in students’ life, such as constructive community involvement, authentic social experience, different interesting activities, initiatives, and peer relationships. Along with them, college Greek life also has particular drawbacks, that sometimes negatively influence the whole college experience. Some of them I am going to discuss further.

Limited social reach

Fraternity as well as sorority is a formal entity targeted at providing a holistic support system for college students. There are particular cases when the housing issue can be a reason of limitations imposed on the possibility of the students to diversify their formal communities and develop relations with the peers. Admittedly, such issues interfere with getting to know new people and communicate with other societies. Hence, the fellowship may be even regarded as a specific closed group that does not contribute to globalization and diversification of communication between different entities.

The issue of expenses

College is considered to be a fundamental investment in the future regardless of potential involvement in Greek life traditions. Actually, the cost of living Greece traditions may be quite high. When a student joins the fellowship, initiation fees are taken. These fees vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Moreover, a student is usually also required to pay dues to the fellowship community house regularly, either once per semester or once per year. Besides, students should be ready to provide optional or even unofficial expenses; such rules become quite often in the course of time. As a rule, fellowship means diverse social events and activities, which, in their turn, often lead to more expenses needed for their organization, garments, supplies, and so on.

Dangerous behavioral patterns

There are some colleges, which try to curb the conventional perception that Greek life is party central. Fellowships are often involved in different parties, night outs, and drinking events. This phenomenon usually transpires for new pledges during the rush week, which is notorious for heavy drinking and noisy parties. Such traditions can eventually lead to serious problems imposed by physical risks for the students involved in uncontrolled parties. Furthermore, these events may also be hazardous to other people if students drink and drive, which is a conventional leisure option during such parties. Finally, underage students face legal issues in such cases, namely, risks of alcohol-related charges.

Academic distractions

There are such fellowships which provide strict academic standards that are not to be violated, and motivate their members to succeed in studying. Nonetheless, there is the opposite side, when the fellowship consumes too much time or leisure options, discussed above, distract students from their ultimate target at college.

Thus, fellowships are a good old tradition, but make sure your entity contributes to your life, not spoils it!


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